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Gear is a mechanical element with gears on the rim to continuously mesh and transmit motion and power.

According to the traditional type: cylindrical gearbox, planetary gearbox and combined gearbox.

According to the transmission level: single-stage gearbox and multi-stage gearbox.

According to the rotation arrangement form: Deployable gearbox, split gearbox, coaxial gearbox and hybrid gearbox.

The gearbox is used to install gears. Gears with different numbers of teeth are built-in. Different gear combinations are controlled through the gear lever to achieve the purpose of speed change.

The industrial gearbox is the gearbox or reduction gearbox used in the industrial industry. It is basically applied in basic industries, such as metallurgy industry, crushing, belt transmission, ball milling, vertical mill, lifting and so on.

Industrial gearboxes are mainly used in metallurgical equipment gearboxes, building materials equipment gearboxes and mining equipment gearboxes, Port hoisting gearboxes, construction machinery reducers, rubber and plastic machinery gearbox.

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One-Stop Services FAQ about Industrial Gearbox

Gears are made from a variety of materials depending on the machine’s requirements. Steel is the most commonly used material.

At First,check if your gearbox is working according to its manufacturer’s specifications for mechanical and thermal ratings.

Gearboxes are often operated beyond their specifications which leads to early malfunction.

Inspect your industrial gearbox for oil leaks at the input and output shafts on a regular basis.

Examine your gearbox for signs of overheating, such as burnt exterior paint or darker oil in the sight glass. 

A well-maintained gearbox uses the recommended type and grade of lubricant in the appropriate proportion. Gearboxes are frequently used in dusty environments, which can cause increased temperature or gearbox adulteration. As a result, pay close attention to cleaning and maintaining the gearbox’s working environment.

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