Bucket elevator drive gearbox

The bucket elevator gearbox is designed to transport large quantities of material vertically. The hopper connected to a continuous conveyor belt. that wraps around a drum at the bottom of the elevator. The hopper collects the material at the bottom of the unit. lifts it to the top, and uses the hoist unit to discharge the material as it rotates to the top. Usually, this type of drive system used for vertical lift conveying of 100-200m. or higher with huge loads and without dust flying when transporting these materials.
The carrying part of the bucket elevator is a central or double chain strand. link chain or belt, to which the bucket elevator is attached. The drive unit place at the upper station. The characteristics of the drives used for these applications. that are similar to those used for steep belt conveyors. Bucket elevators require a relatively high input power. Due to the high starting power, the drive must be soft-started. which achieved by a hydraulic coupling in the drive system. Bevel helical gear units are often used for this purpose, as single or double drives on a base or swing base.

The benefit of Bucket elevator drive gearbox

A bucket elevator provides several benefits. Some of the most crucial are:

  • Firstly, bucket conveyors used to transported  variety of items . As a result, it constructed from durable substances like stainless steel, carbon steel. and other abrasion-resistant materials. They can stand in any weather thanks to the sturdy design construction.
  • Second, the fragile and light materials shielded from dust. and pollution outside thanks to the elevators’ completely enclosed design.
  • Third, They are infamous for moving freely flowing materials with bad flow characteristics.
  • Forth, they are best able to transport materials while preserving their quality. and durability in a variety of directions.
  • Fifth, they are affordable, risk-free, and available in a range of dimensions and forms.

Application of Bucket elevator drive gearbox

In heavy industrial facilities, such as those that produce steel. bucket elevator systems are frequent. utilized to effectively transport bulk materials vertically during the production process. One of our gearbox series’ most popular applications. is the bucket elevator helical/bevel gear reducer. Various industries require the transportation of materials. and they all use this highly efficient drive gearbox unit.

Bucket Elevator Gearbox
  • Steel industry
  • Food industry
  • Industry coagulation and cement
  • Fertilizer industry
  • Chemical business
  • Mining industry

Why choose the KONIC Bucket elevator drive gearbox

Since KONIC Gearbox is the industry leader for industrial gearbox and bucket elevator drives. it has standardized whole application-specific drive systems. combining the benefits of tried-and-true components with quick availability. An essential component of the driving system is the KONIC Gearbox. They exhibit maximum performance, operational reliability, and best-in-class availability. Backstops and auxiliary drives (maintenance or load drives) are included by default. As a result, auxiliary drives and gear units are a perfect match.

Bucket elevator drive gearbox

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