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Professional Industrial Gearbox Reducer INDUSTRIAL GEARBOX


The industrial gearbox used in industrial industries. basically used in the basic industry . such as metallurgy, crushing, belt transfer, milling, construction instruments. flotation of mineral processing, slurry transfer, etc. so industrial gearbox must perform well while remaining compact, precise, and efficient. Other considerations include dependability and safety.

Industrial gearboxes is a closed system that transmits mechanical energy to an output device. The industrial- gearbox can change its speed and torque, making them small, precise, and efficient. Other criteria on which KONIC insists are dependability and safety.

industrial gearbox


The industrial gearboxes series’ modular contains serves a wide range of applications, including bucket reducers, extuder gearbox ,rolling mill reducers, coke oven reducers, and wire rod mill reducers. Manufacturing capabilities:

Complete set of gear-cutting machine tools up to 220′′ in diameter
Custom gear carburizing and hardening in-house, via hardening
AGMA 12 gear grinding specifications


industrial gearbox manufacturer

Because of their versatility, gearboxes utilized in a wide range of sectors. In its most basic form, an industrial transmission is a collection of gears. that can increase torque or speed, but not both at the same time. These machines can be used in a variety of applications. including conveyor belts and cooling towers. Indeed, many companies will combine transmissions based on the functionality necessary for each operation. These machines are utilized in some of the world’s most important industries, such as paper, cement, sugar, and steel.


Based on KONIC professional production facilities. we have over 20 years of experience in manufacturing. servicing and repairing industrial reducers. Our gearbox services are available throughout Europe, Asia, North America etc . This has allowed us to thrive in the industrial transmission industry. Konic gearbox is the world’s leading manufacturer of Industrial Gearbox, we focus on the cement industry, the steel industry, the heavy-duty gearbox, and the custom gearbox. Experienced and precise Reducing systems in Minging large Construction Marine& Crane applications.KONIC gearbox believes that the health and safety of our employees, visitors, and the public is of the highest value. We are committed to providing the best advice and assistance to the functional and operational groups within KONIC as we strive to achieve KONIC’s business goals.


Custom Industrial Gears

rolling mill gearboxes

Rolling Mill Gearbox

KONIC  manufactures a variety of rolling mill gearboxes to meet the needs of our customers. and we supply large industrial gearbox for steel industry .We have single, double, and triple stage gearboxes available. 

KN Series Concrete Mixer Reducer KONIC HOTSALES GEARBOXES


KONIC offers precision gearbox after-sales maintenance service. professional one-on-one consultation service on working days. and 5-year return visits after-sales service to customers. Meanwhile, we specialize in gearbox maintenance. Gearbox refurbishment, and rebuilding. and we have extensive expertise in manufacturing unique gearboxes. so we could offer customers a professional and focused one-stop service. We specialize in the repair and maintenance of all types of concrete mixer reducers. we provide services to Huarui Heavy Industries and other well-known companies.

Professional Team

Konic is a group of gearbox experts . who specialized in CNC machining, gearbox repairs, and industrial gearbox spares.

Project on time

Konic has 20 years of production experience. which allows us to ensure that our customers receive customized products on time.

Advanced Equipment

Through a continual stream of technological innovation, Konic introduces world-class high-precision equipment.

1-1 Technical Support

Konic offers personalized expert technical assistance as well as proactive. and responsive support service solutions.

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