Industrial Planetary Gearbox

The KONIC Industrial Planetary Gearbox Series is an exceptional choice for all heavy-duty applications where compactness is not a consideration. Due to its modular construction, it may be adapted to suit a vast array of uses. Our expertise in planetary technology ensures the design and manufacture of high-quality products. Even in the roughest settings, industrial planetary gearboxes function without interruption. This planetary gearbox achieves superior flexibility due to its several outputs and input combinations for various sizes. Giving our customers a comprehensive solution.

An industrial gearbox is a system that transfers mechanical energy from one device to another and is used to increase torque while decreasing speed. Inline planetary gearboxes, 2 stage planetary gearboxes, 3 stage planetary gearboxes, 4 stage planetary gearboxes, 5 stage planetary gearboxes, right angle planetary gearboxes, planetary worm gearboxes, and so on are all part of the Konic planetary gearbox series. Gearboxes can change their speed and torque to convert energy into a format that is compatible. They help to improve the mechanical functioning of industries.

Technical data

  • Max Torque:1000-35000
  • Ratio:25-4000
  • Versions In line right-angle

Industrial Planetary Gearbox Features

  • The ideal choice for any application demanding a high torque capacity in a small dimensions.
  • Excellent torque distribution across the range’s sizes.
  • Enhanced bearing load capacities allow for optimal use of gear capabilities.
  • Using common components, we can customize our gearboxes for any purpose.
  • Built-in negative parking brakes allow for a wide range of setups for both input and output.

Benefits for Industrial Planetary Gearboxes

  • The sun wheel and planetary wheel are made of high-grade quenching alloy steel, and the ring gears are made of hardened surface alloy steel.
  • The cast iron housing and steel cast iron structure were all built utilizing computer modeling and stress analysis to increase the loading capacity.
  • The highly modular design standardizes all replacement parts and reduces stock.Increase delivery speed.
  • All bearings are roller bearings, and the force section is an imported bearing.
  • The input and output sides have radial skeleton seals, with the output having double seals.
  • There are numerous accessories to pick from that can be used with other items from our firm.

OEM Industrial Planetary Gearbox 

As a leading Planetary Gearbox for Concrete Mixer manufacturer & supplier in the world. Konic utilizes only the best materials present today on creating wholes series gearbox capacity range from 50m³to 5,000m³ that strictly complies to the vertical planetary mixing industry and global market standards.Konic planetary gearbox for concrete mixer widely used in Concrete  ready  mix,  blocks,  bricks,  roof tiles, pipes, asphalt mixing, glass, ceramics etc. Konic custom planetary gearbox has serviced hundreds of customer in the world. And we have good reputation in European market for decades. As a Cooperation partners of Volkswagen Group, our planetary gearbox for concrete mixer obtain our customer approval .

Product Featured:
  • Easy assembly on the mixer pan
  • Low noise & highly efficient
  • Applicable to all kinds of concrete mixer
  • Durable & robust construction
  • No temperature control
  • Heavy-duty bearings & triple oil seals
Konic Advantages:
  • Professional Team
  • Advanced Equipment
  • 1-1 Technical Support

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