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The gearbox for metallurgy is an essential component used in various applications. In metallurgy, gearboxes used to control the speed, torque. and direction of the rotational movement of heavy machinery and equipment. such as rolling mills, crushers, and conveyor belts.
The gearbox for metallurgy designed to withstand high loads, shocks, and vibrations. as well as to operate in harsh and demanding environments. The type of gearbox used in metallurgy usually depends on the specific application. but some common types include:


Selecting a gearbox for metallurgy application depends on the specific requirements. Generally, metallurgy applications require high torque and low-speed operation. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a gearbox for metallurgy application:

  • Torque requirements
  • Speed requirements
  • Load capacity
  • Environmental factor
  • Lubrication
  • Durability
  • Noise level
  • Maintenance requirements


KONIC provides an OEM customized metallurgy gearbox service. we have plenty expertises for design and produce gearboxes as customer’s specifications.If you are looking for an OEM customized metallurgy gearbox service. You needto look for a manufacturer that can provide you with high-quality gearboxes. that meet your specifications and requirements.

KONIC has a good reputation for delivering high-quality industrial gearboxes for 20 years. We offer customized solutions for the metal processing sector. Designed and produced to operate with high efficiency in the harshest and most dusty environments. Our gearbox for metallurgy, includes a conveyor gearbox, vertical roller mill gearbox, crane gearbox, and Pot Transfer Cars gearbox. as follow:

  • Rolling Mills
  • Conveyors
  • Pot Transfer Cars
  • Cranes


A conveyor gearbox is a type of gearbox used in conveyor systems. to transmit power from a motor to a conveyor belt or other mechanical equipment. It designed to withstand the heavy loads and harsh operating conditions. commonly found in conveyor applications.

The heart of any conveyance system is a conveyor gearbox. Conveyor belt systems are the most common way to move a large amount of goods. The gearbox is the central component of the conveyor system, pulling the various belts, chains, and rollers to move the products.

Conveyor Gearbox

Support varieties types Rolling Mill Reduction Gearbox

mining gearbox
Usually, that typically large and complex. with multiple stages of gears to achieve the necessary reduction in speed . and increase in torque required to roll metal into sheets or other shapes. They are often designed with a horizontal input shaft and vertical output shaft. and that configured in various ways depending on the specific requirements of the rolling mill.
KONIC Gearbox manufactures a variety of rolling mill gearboxes . We have single, double, and triple stage gearboxes available. In the mill, KONIC focuses on designing and manufacturing dependable gearboxes. Gearboxes must be able to run constantly and resist severe loads to avoid costly mill shutdowns


Vertical roller mill gearboxes are typically compact. and can deliver high torque and low-speed operation. They usually consist of two or three stages of gears. to achieve the required reduction in speed and increase in torque. The gears in a vertical roller mill gearbox are typically helical or bevel helical gears. which provide high efficiency and low noise operation.

Vertical Roller Mill Gearbox is mainly used for comminuting limestone, clinker, slag, lime, gypsum .KONIC for Vertical Roller Mill Gearbox features a unique combination of strength, reliability and durability in the harshest and most dusty environments.

Vertical Roller Mill Gearbox

Trustworthy Gearbox Manufacturer CRANE GEARBOX FOR METALLUGRY

Crane Gearbox
Crane gearboxes are typically designed with multiple stages of gears. to achieve the necessary reduction in speed. and increase in torque required for lifting and moving heavy loads. The gears in a crane gearbox are typically helical or bevel helical gears. which provide high efficiency and low noise operation.
The design of a crane gearbox is critical to the overall performance of the crane. Factors such as gear geometry, material selection. and manufacturing processes must be carefully considered . to ensure that the gearbox is durable, reliable, and efficient. The gearbox designed to withstand the harsh environmental conditions. typically found in crane applications, such as high temperatures, dust, and moisture .

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Internal Gear Slewing Bearing Gearbox for Mining Application

In mining applications, gearboxes need to be rugged, reliable. and able to withstand the harsh conditions of the mining environment. They must be able to operate continuously under heavy loads and high temperatures. and they must be resistant to dust, dirt, and other contaminants.

Mining industry included earth moving machine,crushing grinding material handling,supply processes.Konic supply grinding gearbox,crushing gearbox,Jaw crusher gearbox,etc.