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Leading Industrial Gearbox Manufacturer KONIC-INDUSTRIAL GEARBOX

The KONIC gearbox produces high-quality industrial gearboxes. to support a wide range of power transmission systems and applications. Our skilled manufacturing and engineering teams have supplemented our standard product line for 20 years. with customer-specific gear drives to meet the most demanding application requirements.
Unrivaled quality control and customer-intensive service are two strengths. that have helped KONIC gearbox grow in the industry. Our diligent attention to detail at every stage of the manufacturing process . To ensures that every product leaving our facility has been thoroughly inspected and tested. in accordance with stringent testing procedures.
Customers have come to rely on KONIC gearbox’s high-quality industrial gearboxes. We will search at the types of products available. as well as their most possible uses and the industries we serve. as we investigate the purpose of industrial gearboxes.


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konic custom industrial gearbox

The design team at Konic Gearbox is highly experienced and focuses on the processing of essential gearbox components as well as skilled assembly. and a perfect customer service and support system

Konic Professional Industrial Gearboxes Services Market & Application for Industrial Gearboxes Manufacturer

Industrial Gearbox

Konic Gearbox is the world's leading manufacturer of industrial gearboxes, heavy duty gearboxes, and custom gearboxes.Industrial gearboxes from Konic are compact, precise, and efficient. 20 years of expertise Safety and dependability.

Gearbox for Metallurgy

Konic Gearbox is a leading industrial gearbox manufacturer for steelworks and rolling mill gearbox reducers. KONIC Gearbox manufactures a variety of rolling mill gearboxes to meet the needs of our customers.

Hoisting & Crane Industry

Konic Gearbox is the world's leading manufacturer of industrial gearboxes, heavy duty gearboxes, and custom gearboxes. For the crane sector, KONIC Gearbox manufactures excellent-grade crane-duty helical gearboxes.

Planetary Gearbox For Construction

Konic Gearbox is popular in the construction equipment industry, supplying gearboxes to a wide range of industrial applications. KONIC planetary gearbox Applicable to all kinds of concrete mixer, high-precision and easy assembly on the mixer pan

Wind Turbine Gearbox

The Konic gearbox has low vibrations and dissipates the heat produced by the internal mechanisms. Konic gearboxes contribute to the transformation of the global energy system with reliable, robust, and efficient gearboxes for wind turbines.

Gearbox Repair

Konic Gearbox specializes in industrial gearbox repair and gear manufacturing. We service and repair a wide range of industrial gears.The repair aspect can consist of repairing cracked and/or broken teeth. Konic has the machining capability to machine these teeth back into place when the weld repair is complete.

Custom Gearbox

Konic Gearbox is the world's leading manufacturer of industrial gearboxes, heavy duty gearboxes, and custom gearboxes.Industrial gearboxes from Konic are compact, precise, and efficient. 20 years of expertise Safety and dependability.

Winch Gearbox

Konic Gearbox is one of the world's leading manufacturers of gearboxes and rope winches for maritime applications. KONIC produced gearboxes are used for tugboats, ice breakers, dredgers, and firefighting vessels as marine gearboxes.

Gears for Oilfield

KONIC manufactures gears for oilfield and gas industry with durable gears that stand up to the most demanding applications.

Client's Love Industrial Gearboxes Recommend KONIC Featured Industrial Gearboxes

planetary gearbox
Planetary Gearbox for Concrete Mixer

Firstly ,Konic produced Planetary Gearbox for Concrete Mixer , It has many featured. such as compact size, low noise operation, and excellent durability.

Wind Turbines

Secondly , KONIC produce gearbox could survive over 20 years with very high, cyclical loads. and as silent as possible.

Thirdly ,KONIC gearbox manufactures excellen gearbox . such as crane duty helical gearboxes For the crane sector.

crane gearbox
Parallel Shaft Gearbox

Forth, KONIC produced marine winch  is suitable for harsh environments . such as low cold and high temperature.

Coupling Winch Gearbox-2
Marine Winch

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Know More About KONIC Gearbox

At present, Konic is among the world’s advanced manufacturers in the mechanical transmissions. and famous in industrial gear drives production. this is to say ,Konic has serving various of industrial fields .

Such as Heavy construction equipment,reduction gearboxes, Oil drilling Industry, and steel mills. Concrete machinery; innovative systems and wind and energy production. KONIC also related to a major parts supplier in the mining sector and marine. and CFHI ,QGM & ZENITH as our business partners.


Top Industrial Gearboxes Manufacturer & Supplier

⇒ Owning High-quality Equipment & Technology:

The quality of gearboxes will largely depend on the type of equipment and technology. Our modern, high-quality equipment to ensure that your products meet the highest standards.

⇒ Skilled & Experienced Stuffs:

KONIC skilled and experienced stuffs handle the manufacturing process efficiently and effectively.

⇒ Focus on Quality Control:

Quality control is essential in ensuring that your products meet the required standards. Implementing a strict quality control process can help customers minimize defects. and improve the overall quality of your gearboxes.

⇒ Continuously Innovate and Improve:

The gearbox industry is constantly evolving. and it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. Continuously innovating and improving our products help KONIC stay ahead of the competition. and meet the evolving needs of your customers.

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