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Make your own gearbox CUSTOM GEARBOX

A custom gearbox is a specialized mechanical device that transmits power and torque from an input source to an output mechanism through a series of gears. It can be designed and manufactured to meet specific requirements such as high speed, high torque, precision, and efficiency.

The custom gearbox fits seamlessly into your existing setup and is specifically designed to fulfill the demands of high-performance applications. It is a great option for equipment and applications that demand a specific torque or for replicating outmoded components.

custom gearbox design

One-stop Gearbox Manufacturer CUSTOM GEARBOXES BENEFITS

Custom gearboxes offer a number of benefits over off-the-shelf gearboxes, including:

  • Improved performance
  • Better compatibility
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Cost savings
  • Greater design flexibility

Experienced in custom gearbox CUSTOM INDUSTRIAL GEARBOX

A customized industrial gearbox refers to a gearbox. that is specifically designed and manufactured. to meet the unique needs of a particular industrial application. In industrial settings, gearboxes used to transmit power from a motor to a machine or equipment. and the design of the gearbox is crucial in ensuring the efficient. and effective operation of the equipment.

Gearboxes have a wide range of products and have been widely used in many fields such as rubber and plastic, metallurgy and mining, wind energy and nuclear power, food industry, lifting machinery and so on. As they are widely used in different industries, the demand for customized and non-standardized gearboxes arises. In custom gearboxes, the demand side is concerned about gearbox cost, good design, service life, reliable operation and so on.


As a manufacturer of customized gear boxes, we need to know:

  • Type of prime mover (electric motor, hydraulic motor, turbine) 
  • Type of load (service factor, degree of shock and vibration)
  • Design life
  • Overload Torque
  • Maximum Torque
  • Number of Teeth
  • Apparent driving ratio
  • Overlapping ratio
  • Gearing ratio
  • Teeth Width
  • Service factor
  • Modulus
custom gearbox

New Gearbox Design & Custom Gearbox Manufacturing

gearbox customer service

Designing a custom gearbox can be a complex task. that requires careful consideration of various factors. such as the application, load requirements, speed ratios, power transmission, and materials. Here are some tips for designing a custom gearbox. When selecting a custom gearbox, detailed communication is required regarding the application scenario and usage requirements of the gearbox to be ordered. In order to produce the most suitable gearbox for the demander, KONIC Gearbox needs to clearly judge in the design, production Process, selection and use of gearboxes, summarizing the following points.

  • ISO/TR 13593:1999
  • GB/Z19414-2003
  • ANSI/AGMA 6113-A06

China Trustworthy Customized Gearbox Services KONIC CUSTOM GEARBOX MANUFACTURER

Ordering design and manufacturing as well as reliable gearboxes is a complex task. professional and experienced design staff communication is required. on both ordering and design and manufacturing sides. Especially in design, procurement standards, design life, requirements. Our experienced designers to provide rationalized advice. a device can be safe and reliable operation.
KONIC gearbox as the leading industrial gearboxes manufacturer for nearly 30 years . Our engineers have plentiful experiences in design gearboxes ,custom gearboxes , industrial gearboxes. At the same time ,we promise deliver reliable, low maintenance, high-performance custom gearbox.We will create a custom gearbox based on your design. We also could reverse engineer a sample if you have one. Manufacturing engineers will work with you to make your concept a reality.


Our Advantanges

KONIC gearbox believes that the health and safety of our employees, visitors, and the public is of the highest value. We are committed to providing the best advice and assistance to the functional and operational groups within KONIC as we strive to achieve KONIC’s business goals.

Service Concept:

The whole process and all-around service to customers is the initiative of Konic gear to provide complete solutions. While delivering high-quality products and technology, we also provide customers with all-around service solutions in the transmission industry.

Management philosophy:

Konic continues to adhere to the enterprise philosophy of “integrity, mutual benefit, and win-win results and quality first”, and continues to maintain intelligent manufacturing iteration and technology upgrading, so as to realize the sustainable development of enterprises with high quality, high efficiency.

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Professional Team

Konic is a group of gearbox experts who specialized in CNC machining, gearbox repairs, and industrial gearbox spares.

24 hours service

Project on time

Konic has 20 years of production experience, which allows us to ensure that our customers receive the customized products on time.

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Advanced Equipment

Konic introduces world-class high-precision equipment through a steady stream of technological innovation.t

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1-1 Technical Support

Konic provides personalized expert technical support as well as responsive and proactive support service solutions.

Industrial Gearbox Manufacturer Parallel Shaft Reducer Gearbox

Konic has many years of experience and strengths in the custom processing of parallel shaft reducer gearboxes, and its products are widely used in light industry, food, beer and beverages, chemicals, escalators, automated storage equipment

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