As we konw,A planetary gearbox is a type of gear structure. that usually consists of one or more external gears rotating around a central gear. just as the planets revolve around the sun, hence the name. In addition, planetary gears usually have an outer ring at the outermost part of the gear . to fit the planetary gear’s winding path. Planetary gears are usually divided into simple and complex planetary gears. Simple planetary gears have a sun gear, an outer ring, a planetary gear and a planetary carrier. respectively. Complex planetary gears usually refer to gear systems that contain both planetary and sun gear systems. Complex planetary gears have high reduction ratio . and high torque compared to simple planetary gears.

Planetary Gearboxes Types

As a leading manufacturer of industrial gearboxes, KONIC is familiar with the dynamic difficulties of the industry. These include quiet operation, a sturdy design, a high load capacity, high-strength gearing, and maximal effectiveness and dependability

Every KONIC planetary gear box undergoes a rigorous quality inspection. All The gears meet ISO 900:2008, SGS and CE standards.In addition, we provide an extensive selection of planetary gearbox series, including as follow:

Planetary Gearbox for Concrete Mixer

Accordingly The vertical shaft splitter mixer reducer adopts the design concept of combining the European standard and the national standard, and realizes the unifonn mixing of single, double and three splits. as a result KN series reducer adopts streamlined design, beautiful appearance, low resistance, stable transmission, low noise, and large output torque. 

3 shaft planetary gearbox for concrete mixer

Slewing Planetary Gearbox

At the same time ,The KONIC Industrial Planetary Gearbox Series is an exceptional choice for all heavy-duty applications where compactness is not a consideration. Due to its modular construction, it may be adapted to suit a vast array of uses. Our expertise in planetary technology ensures the design and manufacture of high-quality products. Even in the roughest settings, industrial planetary reducer function without interruption. 

2 Stage Planetary Gearbox

Obviously,2-stage planetary gearbox: the number of sets of planetary gears. Since one set of planetary gears cannot meet the larger transmission ratio, sometimes 2 or 3 sets are needed to meet the requirement of embracing a larger transmission ratio. Since the number of planetary gears is increased, the length of KONIC 2-stage planetary reducer will be increased and the efficiency will be decreased.

2 stage planetary gearbox

3 Stage Planetary Gearbox

Particularly,Increasing the length of the ring gear and adding another planet stage yields a three-stage gearbox. Using ratios of 5:1, 5:1, and 4:1, a transmission ratio of 100:1 is obtained.

3 stage planetary gearbox

Multi Stage Planetary Gearboxes

The output of one stage is connected to the input of the following stage in a multistage gearbox. The final gear ratio is the product of each stage’s gear ratio. For instance, a two-stage gearbox consisting of one stage with a 5:1 gear ratio and a second stage with a 3:1 gear ratio provides an output ratio of 15:1 (5 x 3).

multi-stage planetary gearbox

Benefit of Planetary Gearbox

High shock and vibration resistance
Due to multiple identical planetary wheels. The same-structured planetary wheels are evenly distributed around the central wheel. balancing their sexual forces. Increased meshing teeth give planetary gears a smooth motion and reduce vibration.
Planetary gear transmissions are smooth, shock- and vibration-resistant, and reliable.
Transmission ratio synthesize and decompose motion .
with the right planetary gear transmission type and gearing scheme. You can use a few gears and get a very high transmission ratio.
Few gears can achieve a high transmission ratio. Planetary gear transmission ratios can reach several thousand. Planetary gearing can be very large and still work.
Planetary gears have many advantages, including compact structure, low mass, and small size. Also, complex motions with variable speeds can be synthesized and decomposed.
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Planetary Gearboxes Manufacturers in China

Manufacturer of planetay gearbox, bevel helical gear box, crane duty helical gearboxes, planetary gearboxes, KONIC helical gear box and helical inline gear boxes.and we have extensive expertises in manufacturing unique gearboxes. so we could offer customers a professional and focused one-stop service. We specialize in the repair and maintenance of all types of concrete mixer reducers. we provide services to Huarui Heavy Industries and other well-known companies.

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