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KONIC Gearbox offers the knowledge, equipment, and cutting-edge technology to not only provide a high-quality, dependable, and timely industrial gearbox repair service, but the firm claims that a repaired gearbox is frequently better than when it was new. This would typically include enhanced performance, increased efficiency, and maybe less future maintenance.

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Rush Service Industrial Gearbox Repair

KONIC gearbox has 30 years of experience in manufacturing industrial gearboxes, specialized gearboxes, and gearbox repairs. KONIC was also a pioneer in repairing and rebuilding a wide range of industries in the gearbox at the time.

Parts are installed, lubricated, handled, stored, aligned, and transported using KONIC analysis and know-how, allowing KONIC to provide optimal diagnosis and repairs. After KONIC rebuilds the gearbox to be as good as new.


KONIC provides comprehensive industrial gearbox repair services. We service gearboxes from a variety of industries, including rubber and plastic, mining, steel and aluminum, mills, sugar, cement, transportation, and others. Our professionals have a wealth of knowledge in gearbox repair.

gearbox repair

Robust & Durable KONIC Simplifies Gearbox Repairs For You

gearbox repairs

We specialize in rebuilding and reconditioning all industrial gears.

  • Superior Quality ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • One-Stop Engineering and production 
  • Plentary experiences with wide range of gearbox
  • Rapid turnaround and emergency service
  • Customized full-service gear repair service
  • 24 hours /7 days for sales and engineering teams
Damaged Gearbox
industrial gearbox repair

Reliabile Industrial Gearbox Manufacturer

Industrial gearbox must perform well while remaining compact, precise, and efficient. Other considerations include dependability and safety.
Industrial gearboxes is a closed system that transmits mechanical energy to an output device. The industrial gearbox can change its speed and torque, making them small, precise, and efficient. Other criteria on which KONIC insists are dependability and safety.

Over 20 years of hard work and innovation. we focus on R&D, and manufacturing of various gearbox. At the same time, Konic adheres to the business principle of quality first.

Now, Konic Gearbox is a domestic high-tech enterprise. We specializes in providing one-stop solutions for intelligent transmission. We have extensive experience with gearbox manufactured. Such as planetary gearbox for concrete mixer, steel rolling mills , marine reducers and etc.

After KONIC Repairing Gearbox
gearbox repair


Industrial Gearbox Repair, Rebuilding & emergency gear repair

  • Visual Inspection
  • Disassembly
  • Clean & Disassemble
  • Gear Identification
  • Accurate Quoting
  • Gearbox Repair & Rebuild
  • Assembly & Testing
  • Handle with Caution

Offering Gearbox Repair Services for a Variety of Industries.

Precision Gear Repair

Extruder Gearbox Repair

Helical Gearbox Repairs

Gearbox Assembly

Crusher Gearbox Rebuild

Gear Fabrication

Rebuild Customized Gearbox

Gearbox Manufacturer & Repair Experts

KONIC offers precision gearbox after-sales maintenance service. professional one-on-one consultation service on working days. and 5-year return visits after-sales service to customers. Meanwhile, we specialize in gearbox maintenance. Gearbox refurbishment, and rebuilding. and we have extensive expertise in manufacturing unique gearboxes. so we could offer customers a professional and focused one-stop service. We specialize in the repair and maintenance of all types of concrete mixer reducers. we provide services to Huarui Heavy Industries and other well-known companies.

Professional Team

Konic is a group of gearbox experts . who specialized in CNC machining, gearbox repairs, and industrial gearbox spares.

Project on time

Konic has 20 years of production experience. which allows us to ensure that our customers receive customized products on time.

Advanced Equipment

Through a continual stream of technological innovation, Konic introduces world-class high-precision equipment.

1-1 Technical Support

Konic provides both personalized expert technical assistance and proactive and timely support service solutions.

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