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 Vertical Planetary Reduction Gearbox-The Core-Component of Planetary Concrete Mixing

Vertical Planetary Reduction Gearbox-The Core-Component of Planetary Concrete Mixing


With the benefits of a planetary concrete mixer. Because of its great transmission efficiency and wide transmission ratio range. It also has a significantly smaller volume and weight. Planetary reduction gearbox as a core component of mixer . Than a standard gear reducer or worm gear reducer. Planetary concrete mixers are becoming more popular among clients and the industry.

Because the core of a concrete mixer is primarily concerned with mixing. the fundamental components are the mixing device and the transmission device. For the past 20 years, we have specialized in planetary reduction Gearbox and industrial gearboxes. KONIC’s always driven by product quality and client demand. Through more than ten years of market precipitation and feedback. Konic‘s flagship product – vertical planetary concrete mixer reduction gearbox. That has continually driven KONIC technology iteration. leading the global vertical planetary concrete mixer reduction gearbox market standard.

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The benefits of a vertical planetary reduction gearbox

Precast construction components significantly improve the strength and durability of concrete . when compared to the typical cast-in-place approach, successfully ensuring product quality. Furthermore, as compared to the usual building construction procedure. it saves roughly 20% on the cost of machinery utilization. Furthermore, the sewage, construction waste, and noise generated greatly decreased. which has major green and low-carbon benefits. Vertical shaft planetary concrete mixers. as a vital aspect of precast production, are thereby ushering in a broad market outlook.

Vertical Planetary Reduction Gearbox

Professional Gearbox Manufacturing

Vertical planetary reduction Gearbox is always the core of the product. We provide a one-stop service that includes R&D, design. manufacturing, and after-sales support. Simultaneously, to better fulfill market demand. KONIC is constantly monitoring the market development trend and technological innovation. The concrete mixer, as we all know,that powered by a motor that rotates the gear bearings . while the mixing blades rotate synchronously to accomplish uniform mixing of concrete materials.

Precision, strength, and low noise

Konic uses an independent heat treatment technique. To optimize the internal structure of gears and increase gear strength. Simultaneously, a high-precision gear grinding machine used to grind the gears. improve gear precision, achieve smooth transmission, and reduce gearbox meshing noise. Improve the impact load resistance of the gear box and increase its service life.

  • Easy to assemble on the mixer
  • Low noise and high efficiency
  • Suitable for all types of concrete mixers
  • Low maintenance cost
  • No temperature control
  • Heavy duty bearings and triple oil seals

Provides expert advise when purchasing of reduction gearboxes

Konic suggests customers to consider reduction gearboxes used to adjust the attributes. torque and speed of the equipment’s input and output shafts. As a result, the buyer must be aware of the torque and speed. The first question to ask is regarding the suitable torque. Reduction gears boost the motor’s torque. and allow the stressed member to spin in reaction to the increased torque. frequently factory offer minimum and maximum torques . that are specific to the equipment they support.

Another function of reduction gearboxes is to slow down the motor. As a result, the best reduction ratio for the application should be assessed. The output rotation speed determined by the reduction ratio.

Tips for consider to purchasing planetary reduction Gearbox

The reduction ratio calculated throughout the concrete gearbox selection process:

  1. Input speed plus output speed equals reduction ratio
  2. Torque is also known as torque; torque determined by the reduction ratio. and torque size calculated when picking a model.
  3. Power includes output speed, torque, current, and other important reducer parameters. that must also considered and calculated in the selection. The installation position and size reservation defined by the reducer’s external dimensions.

and the gearbox design tends to be lighter, more compact, and smaller.

planetary gearbox for concrete mixer6

Supply high-quality after-sales service and user training

1. Reduce the effect of the working environment on gearboxes.

Maintain the cleanliness of the workplace and its equipment. Examine the inside of the reduction gear box. to ensure that the ports closed in time to prevent dirt from entering. Choosing a dry, low-humidity atmosphere. helps preserve the equipment in good working order. and decreases the possibility of component damage.

2. Keep the gearbox lubricated on a regular basis.

Checking the gearbox for adequate lubrication techniques is part of maintenance. Use the proper type of lubricant and the appropriate amount. Gearboxes require different types of lubricants depending on the season and temperature. Also, keep an eye out for indicators of oil leakage at the oil seals. Check the pressure level and the amount of leftover oil.

3. Keep an eye on the gearbox's temperature.

Check the temperature of the gearbox on a frequent basis to avoid overheating. Temperature variations documented and monitored. Overheating symptoms, as well as irregularities such as smoke.

Dependable partner for planetary concrete mixers

Hundreds of clients have used KONIC’s excellent gearbox services. KONIC acknowledged and supported by our customers for more than 20 years. through ongoing product performance enhancement and product quality optimization.

planetary gearbox
planetary gearbox

As a leader in industrial gearbox production, our goods. particularly bespoke gearboxes and industrial gearboxes. have been widely employed in many areas such as mining, construction, and maritime. We offer expert one-stop service for reduction gearboxes to our customers.

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