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What is Reduction Gearbox?How to Select The Suitable Reducer?


Reduction gearbox has widely used in the field of industrial control equipment. It means a gearbox internal by the gear drive, worm drive, gear – worm drive. And the gearbox often used as a reduction gear between the prime mover and the working machine. It plays the role of matching speed and transmitting torque between the prime mover and the working machine or actuator. and that is widely used in modern machinery.

What is a Reduction Gearbox?

A reduction gearbox is a power transmission device. that uses gears of different sizes to form a gearbox . that connects a motor to a machine to reduce the number of revolutions of the motor and get a larger torque. Generally used for low speed and high torque transmission equipment. and that is a power transmission mechanism to uses the speed converter of gears. to decelerate the motor’s rotation number to the desired rotation number . at the same time to get a larger torque. So, reduction gear box is a relatively precise machinery. the motor, internal combustion engine or other high-speed running power . through the reduction gear box on the input shaft of the gear . with a small number of teeth meshed with the output shaft of the large gear to deceleration.

reduction gearbox

The Working Principle of Reduction Gearbox

The most often utilized method for reducing motor speed in industrial is gearbox . Speed reducers or gearboxes reduce motor rotational speed while boosting motor output torque. thereby increasing usable work. The motor power transmitted by the motor shaft to a speed reducer gear train. The reduction gearbox increases torque to decrease speed! Low-speed, high-torque transmission equipment uses reduction gearboxes. through the reduction gearbox. on the gear input shaft with few teeth meshed. To decelerate, an ordinary reduction gearbox will include many pairs of the same principle gears. Transmission ratio is the ratio of large and tiny gear teeth.


What Makes Us Choose to Use Reduction Gearbox?

Because the motor operates at a high speed but with a low torque. installing a reduction gear to reduce the motor speed . while raising the load capacity identical to increasing the motor’s working capacity. Furthermore, the output position can be changed using the reduction gearbox. The original motor output shaft switched from clockwise to counterclockwise rotation. or the output direction flipped 90 degrees. allowing the motor and reduction gear box to installed in less space.

The Benefits of Using Reduction Gearboxes


Cost reduction

In general, the price of the engine is significantly more than that of the transmission. The torque increased by a reduction gearbox, which is comparable to raising the motor’s power. so a motor with less power can be utilized with a reduction gearbox to produce the required output power. Due to the use of a motor with a lower output power, the cost of the setup can be greatly lowered.

Protecting the motor

The reduction gearbox installed between the motor and the mechanical equipment. and that intended to withstand high torque during operation. If there is too much load, the gearbox, which protects the motor . Simultaneously, the cost of repairing or replacing the gearbox is quite low, which can cut maintenance costs.

Energy conservation

When the motor is directly connected to the machinery and equipment operation. the current increases significantly to get the required torque and run at low speed. consuming more energy and heating up the motor. Furthermore, if the motor heat dissipation is inadequate, the motor is prone to burn up. As a result, the adoption of a reduction gear box can cut energy usage while avoiding motor damage.

Types of Reduction Gearboxes

Depending on the structure and transmission mode. reduction gearboxes can be broadly classified as gear reduction gearboxes. such as cylindrical gear reduction gearboxes, worm gear reduction gearboxes, planetary reduction gearboxes. cycloid reduction gearboxes, harmonic reduction gearboxes, and so on. Different types have distinct characteristics and functions. Gear reduction gearboxes has distinguished by their compact size, high transmission torque. and great transmission efficiency. There are several structural combinations and installation available in the design and construction. and precision reduction ratios matched between large and small gear sets for a wide range of applications.

The most common reduction gearboxes include cylindrical reduction gearboxes. planetary reduction gearboxes, helical reduction gearboxes, bevel reduction gearboxes, and worm gearboxes. the following is a full discussion of gear reduction gearbox classification.

1.According to the reducer structure divided into:

Cylindrical gears, helical gears. bevel gears, planetary wheel system worm gear drive. and DC reduction gear box brush geared motor and brushless geared motor. each type of reduction gear box structure and role are different.

2. Divided according to the number of stages:

Single-stage gear box, multi-stage gear drive. different output power of the gearbox technology.

3.According to the installation form divided into:

Parallel shaft gearbox. vertical shaft gearbox, coaxial gearbox. spread type; installation form is different, the application scenario is also different.

4.According to power divided into:

High-power reduction gearbox, low-power reduction gearbox according to power.

5.According to the material divided into:

Metal, plastic. different materials used in different scenarios. such as plastic reduction gear box is usually used in small equipment, products, torque is small.

Single Stage Reduction Gearbox

A single-stage gearbox is simply a set of different gear combinations in both small and large sizes. Depending on the shape of the gear, there are three types of single-stage gearbox. a single-stage cylindrical gearbox, a single-stage helical gearbox. and a single-stage bevel gearbox. Single-stage gearbox advantages include a straightforward design. dependable performance, precise speed ratio. simple maintenance, and little noise. disadvantages include poor driving efficiency and low torque.

Double Reduction Gearboxes

Double reduction means that in a gearbox system you reduce the speed twice. For example, if N1 is the input speed. N3 is the output speed, and N2 is the intermediate speed. First, the speed reduced from N1 to N2 and then from N2 to N3. the speed reduced from gear 1 to 2. then the torque transferred from gear 2 to gear 3 through a common shaft. and finally the speed reduced from gear 3 to 4.

Cylindrical Reduction Gearbox

The gears of cylindrical gearbox processed by carburizing, quenching and grinding. with high bearing capacity and low noise. it is mainly used in belt conveyors. and various transportation machinery. and also in the transmission mechanism of other general machinery. It has the advantages of high load-bearing capacity. long life, small size, high efficiency and light weight. It used in the transmission device . where the input shaft and output shaft arranged in vertical direction.

Worm Reduction Gearbox

worm reduction gearbox

Mainly through the worm wheel and worm as the main transmission parts. the input shaft and output shaft in different axis online, forming a 90 degree angle. Worm gear reducer can have a large reduction ratio, and under certain conditions has a reverse self-locking function. will not reverse, simple installation, easy maintenance and repair. but the disadvantage is that the transmission efficiency and precision are not high.

Planetary Reduction Gearbox

Planetary gearbox has the advantages of compact structure. small backlash (backlash), high rigidity, high precision. high output torque, low operating noise. The transmission efficiency can reach more than 95%. Because of high precision, the gear manufacturing and processing process is more complex. and the precision processing requirements are high. High-quality planetary gears not only have the above excellent performance. but also have the characteristics of lifelong oil change and maintenance-free. which can reduce the future maintenance costs.

planetary reduction gearbox

Cycloidal Reduction Gearbox

The cycloid gearbox that combines the planetary reduction principle with the cycloid structure. featuring small and lightweight, high precision, low backlash. smooth operation, low noise, and precise positioning.

Harmonic Gearboxes

Harmonic gearboxes use the elastic deformation of transmission components to transmit power. and have the advantages of small size, light weight, high precision. high efficiency, and high reduction ratio. Because the transmission precision is very high. it is quite suitable for forward and reverse rotation. and is often used with servo motors for high dynamic. and precise positioning (such as multi-axis robot arm, semiconductor manufacturing equipment). But, the disadvantage is the low rigidity and short life span of transmission components.

Application of Reduction Gearbox

  • High power reduction gearboxes mainly used in energy. petroleum, lifting, construction. ship, heavy industry, mining, port, transportation, aviation, steel, marine. water conservancy, engineering machinery, etc.
  • Small power gearboxes mainly used in electronic products, automotive drives, robotics equipment. communication equipment, smart home equipment. household appliances, power tools, personal care tools. intelligent drive equipment. optical instruments. precision instrumentation equipment and other fields.
  • Planetary gearbox mainly used in lifting and transportation, engineering machinery. metallurgy, mining, petrochemical industry, construction machinery. light industry and textile, instrumentation, automobile. ship, precision equipment, industrial robot equipment and other industrial sectors.
  • Gear reducers mainly used in metallurgy, mining, lifting. transportation, cement, construction. chemical, textile, printing and dyeing. pharmaceutical and other fields.

How do I Select the Best Reduction Gearbox?

Reduction gearboxes used to adjust the motor output and input shaft characteristics . As a result, you should be mindful of the required speed and torque. Consider whether the torque aspect is suitable. Reduction gears increase the motor’s torque. allowing the receiving parts to move under the additional torque. Manufacturers of reduction gearboxes state the largest and smallest torque that each of their parts can provide. The torque properties vary with the gear reduction gearbox. Planetary reduction gears, for example, have a high torque density.

Another reason for using gear reduction gearboxes is to slow down the motor. As a result, we recommend that you think about the suitable reduction ratio. The reduction ratio used to determine the output speed depending on the speed of the motor.

Reduction Gearbox Maintenance For Operation

1. Manufacturing of spare parts

The reduction gear box need to inspected and overhauled on a regular basis. If abrasion, gluing, or substantial parts, effective measures need to implemented. Spare parts need to under the standard. and following run-in and load testing, the updated spare parts need to used officially.

2.Examining two transmissions

Regular inspections and maintenance need required for reduction gearboxes. Effective measures required since abrasion, gluing, and significant wear have been found. Before being officially used, updated spare parts should undergo load testing . and run-in testing in accordance with the standard.

3.Oil quantity and oil temperature

Check the tightness of the bolts and the oil quantity frequently. The oil level lower than the lower scale line of the vernier scale need to replenished in time. Circulating oil lubrication should pay attention to the change of oil pressure. when the oil pressure is significantly lower, should check and clean the oil filter.

4.Check for heat dissipation

To make it easier for the reduction gear box to dissipate heat. maintain its external surface clean and the ventilation holes clean. If the box temperature is too high, it need to checked to see if the oil level is too high. the surrounding heat dissipation conditions are poor. the oil quality is deteriorating, the cooling water is insufficient. and the cooling effect of scale in the cooling coil is poor.

5.Check for oil leaks

If oil leakage has found in the high-speed shaft. the oil level need to examined to ensure that it is not excessively high. If the shaft seal leaks due to aging or wear. you can inject suitable grease through the grease nipple on the cover. but if the leak is serious, the user should replace the oil seal on their own. Important note: after 8 hours of operation, the seal near a small region of infiltrated oil for not seeping oil. infiltrated oil area to increase the quality base for oil seepage. and accumulation of oil level leakage in the foundation.

6. Safety protection

The slewing part of the reduction gearbox with external leakage need to equipped with a protective cover. and grounded when connected to the motor or other electrical equipment. Important note: Please do not remove the test mirror cover during the operation of the reduction gearbox. to avoid personal injury caused by high temperature gear oil splashing.

7. Oil Change

During normal operation, metal micro-materials inevitably enter the oil . due to the continuous operation of the surface. These contaminants can shorten the life of the bearings . and lead to premature scrapping of the gear unit, so it maintained with the help of frequent oil changes.

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