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What is the Criteria of the Gearbox Selection Guide?


As custom gearbox services become increasingly prevalent. As gearbox technology evolves, it becomes simpler to manufacture gearboxes to exact specifications. Usually  Unfamiliarity the gearbox selection guide .Engineering innovations and advanced machine tools. Even in small quantities, OEMs and end users are able to acquire inexpensive drives thanks to style software. However, selecting a gearbox is difficult.

What is the criteria of the gearbox selection guide?Because customers can choose from a variety of gearbox designs. They intend to produce gearbox parameters that meet various requirements. A poor gearbox selection choice can result in the purchase of a more expensive transmission. When searching for suppliers of gearboxes. What understanding of gearboxes will allow us to select an appropriate gearbox reducer? Therefore, follow KONIC  learn more about it now.

What's The Gearbox ?

Before understand the criteria of the gearbox selection guide, we need to konw what is a gearbox? A gearbox reducer that is a mechanical transmission device that connects a motor to a driven load. it’s also referred to as a gearbox. It allows you to change the torque and speed between a motor and a load. Series of gears make geartrain assemblies.

precision industrial gearbox

Application of Gearbox

A gear reducer is employed to adapt the characteristics (torque and speed) of the input and output axis of a mechanism. this is often why you’ve got to understand the torque and rotation speed. A reducer increases the torque of your motor and thus allows a receiving member to rotate under the impact of a replacement torque.

Widely used in printing and packaging machinery, stereo garage equipment, environmental protection machinery, conveying equipment, chemical equipment, metallurgical mining equipment, steel and power equipment, mixing equipment, road construction machinery, sugar industry, wind power generation, escalator elevator drive, ship field, light industry, paper field, metallurgical industry, sewage treatment, building materials industry, lifting machinery, conveying line, assembly line and other high-power, large speed ratio, high torque occasions.

The Main Various of Gearboxes

KONIC gearbox widely used with reduction transmission equipment. where the transmission structure integrates the drive motor and therefore the gearbox or gear reducer.

These designs provide significant gear reduction. Gear Reducer Types Bevel Gear Reducers. Bevel gear reducers have an angular bell crank. that permits users to vary the rotation of the system from transverse to longitudinal. they’re compact. might handle a good deal of power from three-phase asynchronous motors, and synchronous motors. or asynchronous servo motors.The following introduction to gearboxes with a wide range of applications

KONIC Industrial Gearbox Series

  • planetary Gearboxes
  • Cylindrical Gearboxes
  • Parallel Shaft Gearboxes
  • Worm Gearboxes
  • Screw Gearboxes

KONIC Gearbox Selection Guide

Ambient Temperature and Environment for Gearbox Selection Guide

Understanding the impact that the environment has on an industrial gearbox is important to its operational efficiency. Most experts feel that the outside environment should be factored in when determining the service life of this equipment. Doing this could also play a significant role in lowering associated maintenance costs.

Fluctuations in indoor and outdoor temperatures can affect the production quality of an industrial gearbox. Implementing a few simple preventative measures could help to decrease the chances of your gearbox overheating. Preventing overheating issues can help stop malfunctions that can affect how the gearbox operates on a daily basis. You can do this by choosing the best lubricant, understanding its characteristics, and knowing how temperatures affect your equipment.

gearbox selection guide
gearbox selection guide


Shock Load or Load Type for Gearbox Selection Guide


High shock or impact loads can cause increased wear on the gear teeth and shaft bearings. This wear could cause premature failure if not accounted for when sizing. These loads will require an increased service factor. Uniform loads are loads that remain constant during the application, while non-uniform loads change during the application. Non-uniform loads, even if small, will require a higher service factor than uniform loads. An example of a uniform load would be a conveyor with a consistent product amount riding on it. A non-uniform load would be any sort of intermittent cutting application. This intermittent cutting force causes a periodic increase in the torque on the gearbox, which is a non-uniform load.


Output Shaft or Hollow Bore Size for Gearbox Selection Guide


When sizing an application, the output shaft and bore size must meet customer requirements. These could include a stainless output on the unit, and whether it has a keyed or keyless shaft, a keyed or keyless hollow bore, or a flanged output combined with any of the previous. Getting the correct bore size on a unit may force the customer to purchase a larger gearbox or a different style of gearbox to fit their current shaft. In some instances, the customer can modify their shaft to use the most cost-effective unit while providing an optimal solution.

Gearbox Selection Guide
Gearbox Selection Guide

Mounting for Gearbox Selection Guide


Now that the unit’s size and capability have been determined. the next step is to determine the unit’s mounting characteristics. While there are a few standard mounting configurations. manufacturers of gearboxes offer a vast array of options for each unit size. A flanged input with hollow bore and a left-protruding output shaft . for a C-frame motor may be the most common mounting, but there are many other options. Options include mounting feet for either above or below the gearbox’s body. hollow outputs, and input and output configuration. 

Lubricant, Seals and Motors for Gearbox Selection Guide


After unit size and configuration have been determined. Most manufacturers offer the option of shipping the gearbox lubricated . the default is to ship units empty and let customers fill them on site. Some manufacturers will recommend a second set of seals for applications. involving a vertical shaft that extends downward. Due to the fact that many gearboxes are ultimately mounted to a c-frame motor. many manufacturers offer the service of integrating a motor onto the gearbox . and shipping the assembly as a single unit.

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