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 KONIC Supplies Customized Vertical Planetary Reducer ToSHANUTI Vertical Concrete Mixer

KONIC Supplies Customized Vertical Planetary Reducer ToSHANUTI Vertical Concrete Mixer


KONIC Gearbox has always dedicated to industrial gearbox R&D and production.And we have been consistently upgrading our product technology all the time. For this, our star product – vertical concrete mixer reducer. – That could hot selling at home and abroad. To fulfill the mixing needs of various types of mixers. Our vertical planetary reducer has types from KN50 to KN3000.

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KONIC provides professional and high quality industrial gearbox services SHANTUI JN3000 Vertical Shaft planetary Mixer

Shantui Group has had a long and steady commercial relationship with KONIC. The JN3000 vertical shaft planetary mixer manufactured by Shantui used our KN3000 reducer. Since the beginning of procurement. Shantui Jianyou has maintained an annual order demand of more than 20 units of #KN3000.

As we all know, Shantui JN3000 has the following features:

  1. The transmission device adopts a special gearbox independentlydeveloped. which has the characteristics of large torque, low noise and strong durability;
  2. The tank lining adopts high chrome wear-resistant lining. which has good wear resistance and long service life;
  3. The mixing device has both revolution and rotation. vigorous mixing, no mixing dead angle. suitable for mixing all high-quality concrete (dry hard, semi-dry hard and plastic concrete);
  4. The number of discharge doors opened up to three. and a special sealing device designed on the discharge door. to ensure firm sealing and reliable control;
  5. The unloading mechanism adopts a speciallydesigned hydraulic pump station. and has a manual unloading device, and the unloading door opened manuallyin an emergency.

山推建友 JN3000-3B 主機-立軸行星 JN係列

According to the above characteristics. Shantui JN3000 planetary mixing mode is suitable for mixing high-purity concrete. which can make the material mix more evenly. The material has no direct contact with the transmission part. and there is no problem of wear and slurry leakage. It is mainly used for the production of various grades of concrete. ,even produce concrete from dry hardness to low plasticity. suitable for various concrete production lines. concrete mixing stations, and supporting hosts for mixing buildings.

Better Support For UHPC Mixing Performance Upgraded version - Customized Vertical Planetary Reducer

After years of friendly cooperation, in early 2022. when Shantui served China Railway Construction’s overseas tunnel construction projects. To meet the demand for UHPC ultra-high performance concrete mixing in tunnel construction. Shantui boldly improved the equipment and increased the motor power. to ensure mixing performance. It means from the original JN3000 equipped with a 110KW motor. to a transformation project with a 160KW motor. At the same time, KONIC supplies customize and upgrade the KN3000 reducer services. to match the transformation of the mixer motor. Mr. Gao, general manager of KONIC, pay great attentation to the demand for this technology upgrade. Led the technical backbone of KONIC. to complete the upgrade requirements of the reducer in a short period of time. while ensuring that the center distance. output size and speed remain unchanged, and quickly produced this upgraded product. to ensure that our customers’ normal performance in the project advance speed .



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What is UHPC and Which Type of Mixer Suitable for UHPC?

It is necessary for us to introduce to you about UHPC. so as to understand why the mixer motor needs to strengthened to mix this kind of material. UHPC stands for “Ultra-High Performance Concrete”. which called “Ultra-High Performance Concrete” in Chinese. It is a special type of concrete that is extremely strong, durable and resistant to cracking. UHPC is usually composed of cement, fine sand, fly ash, silica fume, mineral admixtures. high-strength fiber materials and special chemical additives. Due to its unique composition ratio and preparation process. UHPC has been widely used in structural engineering, bridges. and buildings with high durability requirements. Here are some considerations about the performance needs of a mixer for UHPC fabrication:


High-intensity mixing capacity:

The composition of UHPC requires high mixing intensity. because it may contain hard aggregates, fibers. A mixer needs to driven powerful enough to ensure. that the ingredients mixed to achieve the desired high-intensity performance.

Uniform mixing:

The successful preparation of UHPC depends on the uniform dispersion and mixing of ingredients. The mixer needs to provide sufficient cutting and folding action. To ensure that ingredients such as fibers, fine powders. That are evenly dispersed in the concrete for superior strength and durability.

Adapt to high viscosity:

The composition of UHPC usually results in concrete having a high viscosity. which requires the mixer to have sufficient driving force and mixing efficiency. to complete complete mixing while maintaining viscosity.

Wear resistance and corrosion resistance:

Since UHPC may contain fine sand, fibers and other particles, friction during the mixing process. That will cause certain wear and tear on the internal components of the mixer. At the same time, the chemical composition in UHPC may be corrosive to the mixer components. Therefore, the mixer needs to use wear-resistant. and corrosion-resistant materials to prolong the life of the equipment.

Temperature control:

The UHPC preparation process may generate a lot of heat. and the mixer needs to have an appropriate temperature control system. to avoid performance degradation caused by overheating of the concrete.

Efficient cutting and blending action:

The preparation of UHPC requires a highly efficient cutting and blending action. to ensure adequate incorporation of the various components. The design of the blender needs to consider the optimization of these actions.

In short, the preparation of UHPC puts forward high requirements on the performance of the mixer. which requires the mixer to meet the needs of high-intensity mixing. uniform mixing, high viscosity, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.


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The Importance of Motors for Vertical Planetary Mixers

The motor plays a very important role in the vertical concrete mixer. which affects the performance, efficiency and reliability of the mixer. Following is the importance of the motor in a vertical concrete mixer:

Driving force and mixing capacity:

The motor provides the necessary driving force for the mixer. enabling the mixer to perform mixing and stirring operations. The power and torque output of the motor determines the mixing capacity of the mixer. affecting whether the mixing device can effectively mix concrete and other materials evenly.

Efficiency and Productivity:

Properly sized motors provide efficient mixing action to complete the concrete mixing process in a short amount of time. This helps increase productivity, reduce production time, and save on energy costs.

Load Adaptability:

Different batches and material properties may require different mixing forces and rotational speeds. The motor needs to have the ability to adapt to different loads. to ensure consistent performance under various operating conditions.

Durability and Reliability:

The quality and design of a motor directly affects its durability and reliability. In a heavy-duty working environment such as mixing concrete. the motor needs to be able to run for a long time without damage, so as to ensure the normal operation of the mixer.

Start and Stop Control:

The motor should be able to provide smooth starts and stops. avoiding shock and damage to the mixer and material due to sudden starts or stops.

Temperature Control:

Motors need safety features to prevent accidents and operating errors. To sum up, the motor plays a key role in the vertical concrete mixer. which directly affects the efficiency, performance and reliability of the mixer. Therefore, when choosing a vertical concrete mixer, factors. such as the power, quality, adjustability and adaptability of the motor need to considere. to ensure that the mixer can successfully complete various mixing tasks.


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The Relationship Between Motor, Reducer and Vertical Coagulation Mixer Motor, Reducer & Vertical Coagulation Mixer

The motor, reducer and vertical planetary concrete mixer are the key components. that work together in the concrete mixing plant. The relationship between them can be simply described as:


The motor is the power source of the entire mixing system. which provides the required mechanical energy to drive the stirring device of the mixer. The choice of the motor depends on the required power, speed and load capacity. and it will drive the reducer and the stirring device according to the working requirements of the mixer.


The reducer is an important component connected between the motor and the stirring device. Its function is to convert the high-speed. and low-torque output of the motor into the appropriate speed. and sufficient torque required by the stirring device. The selection and design of the reducer needs to consider factors. such as the required reduction ratio, output torque, efficiency. and durability to ensure that it can adapt to the working requirements of the mixer.

Vertical Planetary Concrete Mixer:

This is the equipment that actually performs the concrete mixing task. The inside of the mixer usually includes one or more mixing arms. which get power from the motor through the reducer to perform efficient mixing and stirring in the container. The design and construction of the mixer needs. to ensure that the concrete mixed evenly, while ensuring the stability and durability of the equipment.

To sum up, the motor provides power, the reducer adapts the output of the motor to the needs of the mixer. and the vertical planetary concrete mixer converts the power of the motor. and reducer into the actual concrete mixing process through the mixing device. The synergy between these three ensures the efficiency, reliability and performance of the mixer at work.


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The Relationship Between Center Distance, Output Size and Speed in Reducer Center Distance, Output Size and Speed in Reducer

In a reducer (also known as a gearbox), there is a certain relationship between center distance. output size and rotational speed, and these parameters. usually affect the design and performance of the reducer. The following are possible relationships between them:

Center Distance:

Center distance refers to the distance between the axes of two gears in the reducer. It determines the size and layout of the gears, and also affects the volume and weight of the reducer. Typically, a larger center distance may result in a larger reducer volume. but also be able to withstand higher loads and torques.

Output Size:

The output size refers to the size of the output shaft (usually the output gear) of the reducer. This dimension affects the design of other equipment or mechanical parts connected to the reducer. Larger output sizes generally provide greater output torque and power.


The speed refers to the speed of the input shaft of the reducer, which is the input speed of the drive reducer. In a reducer, the design of the gears determines the speed ratio between the input shaft and the output shaft. thereby achieving the effect of deceleration or speed up. Higher rotational speeds generally require more complex gear designs and higher manufacturing requirements.

Regarding the specific relationship between them:

Larger center distances may result in larger gearheads. but are able to provide higher output torque and load carrying capacity.

The output size will determined according to the reduction ratio and the required output torque. Larger output sizes generally provide higher output power.

Speed is usually related to the desired reduction ratio and input speed. Higher reduction ratios generally result in lower output speeds. while lower reduction ratios result in higher output speeds.


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Successful Iteration KN3000
Adapted to 160KW Motor for JN3000 Vertical Planetary Mixer

KONIC’ experienced design team completed the upgrade requirements of the reducer. while keeping the center distance, output size and speed unchanged. And this equipment has been running efficiently for more than 2 years. Through this product design upgrade requirement. KONIC also concluded that for users who have UHPC mixing needs. it recommended to consider high-power models when selecting a reducer to meet the mixing efficiency. If you have other needs, please do not hesitate to contact KONIC professional engineers immediately. to give reasonable suggestions! ! ! Looking forward to your communication!


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