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 What Types of Industrial Gearboxes?

What Types of Industrial Gearboxes?


Industrial gearboxes refer to gearboxes used in industrial production. There are many types of industrial gearboxes for variety industries. such as machinery, machine tools, metallurgy, cement, nuclear power and other industries. Industrial gearboxes are also often called reduction gearboxes. of which there are different types of industrial gearboxes. Today let us understand the classification of industrial gearboxes.

types of industrial gearboxes


1. Zero Backlash Gearboxes


Zero backlash gearboxes are high precision reduction gearboxes. that are ideal for demanding applications. These gearboxes offer a large torque to weight ratio. high accuracy and high linearity of torsional characteristics.


2. Planetary Gearbox


Planetary gearboxes are often selected for their high accuracy. and are well suited for high precision applications. Ideal for applications that require high durability, especially robotics and 3D printing. Different types of planetary gearboxes are available, including solid or hollow forms.


3. Worm Gears


Worm gears also referred to as wheel gearboxes. That designed with different thread profiles to allow the worm gear to push or pull as the wheel rotates. They have fewer moving parts, but still allow for larger ratios. Wheel gearboxes known for their low maintenance and accurate results.


As a professional manufacturer of industrial gearboxes. KONIC understand our customers’ needs and market trends. In the 20 years of serving the market, the following 6 types of industrial gearboxes are the most widely used. let us introduce these 6 types of industrial gearboxes in detail below.

Helical Gearbox

A helical gearbox made up of a series of helical gears. Helical gears are a type of cylindrical gear with a slanted tooth trace. They have a higher contact level, less vibration, are quieter. and can transfer larger loads than spur gears. The helix angle of a pair of helical gears is the same, but the helix hand is on the opposite side.

Helical gears are commonly used to replace spur gears in automotive transmission applications. Helical gears and helical gearboxes, unlike spur types. have the potential to perform smoothly. The teeth on a helical gear are cut at a specific angle based on the gear’s face. So, during the operation, when two of the teeth begin to engage. the contact is gradually established at one section of the tooth. and maintained until the gear is fully engaged. When it comes to transferring, helical gears are the most commonly used. and they can generate a lot of thrust.

Coaxial Helical Inline Gearbox

Coaxial gearboxes have input and output shafts that are on the same rotational axis. These gearboxes are most commonly found in servo applications. but they can also be easily integrated into existing drive trains. The coaxial helical gearbox suited for applications requiring heavy-duty performance.


Bevel Helical Gearbox

Helical bevel gearboxes are angular gearboxes. in which the output shaft of the gear unit rotates 90 degrees in relation to the motor’s rotor shaft. Shafts can be solid or hollow.

Helical bevel gearboxes, which can provide high power density and output torque. That are suitable for angular geared motor applications. that require high power density and output torque. Because of their small size and high power density. bevel helical gearboxes are frequently used in baggage conveyors. rope lifters, and industrial mixers.

Skew Bevel Helical Gearbox

Skew Bevel Helical Gearbox is a type of helical gear reducer. which is a special reducer for various reactors. The gears surfaces hardened. which has the features of large load capacity, low noise, long life. high efficiency and smooth running. Common applications include quarries, mining industry and conveyors.

Worm Reduction Gearboxes

A worm gear reducer is a power transmission that uses the speed converter of gears. to decelerate the number of revolutions of a motor to the desired number of revolutions . and to get a larger torque. Among the mechanisms used to transmit power and motion. reducers have used in a wide range of applications. They have integrated into many different types of machines. from ships, automobiles and locomotives for transportation. heavy machinery for construction. processing machines for the machinery industry and automated production equipment.

Planetary Gearboxes

Planetary gearbox structure is some planetary gears around a sun wheel rotating mechanism. However, That decreased the transmission speed ratio . but at the same time the motor torque proportional to increase the mechanism. The advantages of planetary gearbox are large load capacity. small size, pure torque transmission, and smooth work. Moreover, multiple planetary gears can work with each other.



Because planetary gears are pure torque drives, they have excellent transmission efficiency. The efficiency loss between each gearing stage is only 3%. Planetary gears can ensure a high output-to-input ratio because of their high efficiency. For each external gear in a planetary gear receives equal power. planetary gears provide a very smooth power output. and are commonly used in the transmissions of large machines and automobiles.

Professional Industrial Gearboxes Services


industrial gearbox repair service

Based on KONIC professional production facilities. we have over 20 years of experience in manufacturing. servicing and repairing industrial reducers. Our gearbox services are available throughout Europe, Asia, North America etc . This has allowed us to thrive in the industrial transmission industry. KONIC offers precision gearbox after-sales maintenance service. professional one-on-one consultation service on working days. and 5-year return visits after-sales service to customers. Meanwhile, we specialize in gearbox maintenance. Gearbox refurbishment, and rebuilding. and we have extensive expertise in manufacturing unique gearboxes. so we could offer customers a professional and focused one-stop service.

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