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The 6 Steps of the Professional Gearbox Repair Process


Is it worth repairing an industrial gearbox? Industrial gearboxes are typically classified as non-standard or standard items. Many industrial gearboxes are customized goods. due to the various designs and needs of gearboxes in industrial production. Because of the gear box in the design, quality and subsequent application wear. Gearboxes can sustain damage. Many consumers may choose gearbox repair and refurbishing services. that based on repair costs and production equipment compatibility. So gearbox repair is less expensive than purchasing an industrial gearbox. and it is faster than purchasing a modern industrial gearbox.

Industrial Gearbox Repair Process



Find Reliable Industrial Gearbox Repair Manufacturer


Finding the original manufacturer for gearbox restoration is usually advised. This is because the original manufacturer has a solid foundation for the design clearance. and critical gearbox specifications. If you need a new gearbox repair manufacturer. it is strongly advised that you go for a factory with considerable experience.


Professional Industrial Gearbox Initial Assessment


When received your industrial gearbox. a basic visual assessment of the surface is run before actually opening the unit. This step involves examining the outer surfaces. and checking the functionality of the equipment, bearing settings, and also the backlash.



industrial gearbox repair
industrial gearbox repair

During this step of the gearbox repair process. the technicians will take the unit completely apart. All of the parts will disassembled as the machine’s components, even the bearings. this might allow the technician to capture the condition . within which your gearbox, and its internal components, found the power.


Gearbox Repair Evaluation


After the initial inspection and foun the damage . the technician should provide an “Gearbox Repair Evaluation” report. This report will include photographs of your drive with any noticeable damage . and observations made by the technician. and will be an updated quote that details the work . and any recommendations for parts which can get replaced.




Once you’ve got approved the quote for the renewal of your drive and then the unit has been disassembled, the renewal process can begin. At KONIC Gearbox Service, we try to maintain the standard our customers have learned to expect in every service we offer. Parts often cleaned and reused, instead of replaced, which helps you economize. Any information about parts that do or don’t must get replaced. it included within the condition report. Components which is able to must get replaced include gears and pinions, similarly to shafts. Seals, shims, and bearings will always get replaced with tier-1 vendor parts.

gearbox repairs
gearbox repairs

The next step within the renewal process after clean-up and a second inspection of the remaining components. that is to reassemble the gearbox and inspect the condition of the now repaired drive.


Quality Assurance Testing


After finishing the renewal of your drive, all parts have reassembled by specialists. At this stage, gear clearances and a no-load spin test go to be conducted. These quality assurance measures provide peace of mind. and help make sure the longevity of your drive. If the drive passes these tests for both vibration and noise. that sandblasted and repainted with two layers of epoxy paint. This paint to confront the tough conditions.


Following these steps carefully guarantees that every one factor taken into consideration. it is relevant to renew an industrial gearbox. When trying to hunt out a dependable gearbox repair company. you will be desperate to settle on one that understands and routinely performs each of those steps. Some technicians, and thus the businesses that employ them, only perform a limited number of repair services. this might cause issues with the gearbox and thus the system drives.

gearbox repair
gearbox repair

Successfully repairing an industrial gearbox demands skill and a spotlight on detail. When properly done, professional gearbox repair can benefit the user for years to return.


What KONIC gearbox Rebuild can expect?

We have been industrial gearbox repair experts with over 20 years of experience in repairing. rebuilding, and reconditioning gearboxes. We rebuild your gearbox back to the first OEM specifications at a fraction of the value of buying new equipment. we provide a free inspection and proposal service. Once your Gearbox has inspected for the mandatory repairs. we’ll send a close report of our findings together with a proposal listing the scope of repairs to complete.

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