Наше производство REDUCTION GEARBOX

Reduction gearboxes are an essential component of many mechanical systems. allowing for efficient power transmission and control of output speed and torque. A reduction gearbox used to reduce the output speed of a motor or engine while increasing the torque.
Reduction gearboxes usually used in a wide range of applications. including industrial machinery, automotive transmissions, and wind turbines. In industrial applications, they are often used to power heavy machinery. such as conveyor belts or cranes.


There are several types of reduction gearbox. each with its own unique design and application. Here are some of the most common types:

Spur Gearbox:

This type of gearbox uses straight-cut gears that mounted on parallel shafts. They used in applications where high precision needed. such as in machine tools and robotics.

Helical Gearbox:

Helical gearboxes use helical gears, which cut at an angle to the shaft. This design reduces noise and vibration and is often used in industrial applications.

Planetary Gearbox:

A планетарный редуктор consists of a central sun gear. multiple planet gears, and an outer ring gear. This configuration provides a high gear reduction ratio in a compact design. and is commonly used in automotive transmissions and industrial machinery.

Worm Gearbox:

Worm gearboxes use a worm gear and worm wheel to transmit power. They are efficient and provide high gear reduction ratios. but can be less precise than other types of gearboxes.

Cycloidal Gearbox:

This type of gearbox uses a cycloidal disc . and roller to provide a high gear reduction ratio. They are often used in robotics and automation applications.