Helical bevel gearbox is a type of gearbox used to reduce the speed. and increase the torque of a power transmission system. It consists of a set of helical gears. that transmit power from the input shaft to the output shaft at a 90-degree angle. 
The bevel gear design allows for efficient power transmission. while the helical gear design provides for smooth and quiet operation. This combination makes the bevel helical reducer ideal for high torque applications. that require precise and consistent performance. 
Some common applications for bevel helical reducers include conveyor systems. packaging machinery, and material handling equipment. They are also commonly used in heavy-duty industrial applications. such as mining and construction equipment.


Helical bevel  gearbox is a transmission component. It has stable transmission ratio and can be smooth and low noise. Spiral bevel gears are also called arch bevel gears. 

The transmission of the same torque required to send the transmission parts drive vice the most space-saving. more space-saving than the belt, less space than the chain drive required. and spiral bevel gear transmission ratio is stable. A stable ratio is often the most basic rule for transmission performance in various mechanical equipment. so that have reliable work and long life.

Bevel helical reducer has these features such as:

  • High & smooth transmission efficiency;
  • Stable transmission ratio;
  • Large arc overlap coefficient;
  • High load capacity;
  • Reliable operation;
  • compact structure;
  • Material saving, energy saving, space saving;
  • wear resistance, long life, and low noise.
Серия HB: Конический цилиндрический редуктор
Серия F: Редуктор с параллельным валом
R Series:Inline Helical Gearbox
Серия S: Цилиндрический червячный редуктор
Серия K: Цилиндрический конический редуктор


The helical bevel gearbox is the tooth line on the curved crown wheel. which is a straight gear that does not pass through the cone top. There are different helical bevel gears and gear bevels. Two kinds of spiral bevel gears, one is spiral bevel gear with large wheel cut shaft and small wheel cut shaft.

The other is hypoid spiral bevel gear with large wheel shaft and small wheel . shaft with certain moving distance. Gleason tooth spiral bevel gears are widely used in China. Due to its complex meshing principle. there are spur gears and curved gears according to the tooth length direction.

helical bevel gearbox


Depending on the characteristics of  spiral bevel gear  the applications vary. Curved gears more popular used than spur gears. because of their load-bearing capacity. Higher than curved gears. especially low noise during operation and smooth transmission process. It has a long life span and used in the aviation, navigation and automotive industries.

Construction Machinery

In construction machinery, the power system is generally controlled. and bevel gears are generally used only for driving auxiliary devices. which produced by grinding process and heating. without hard machining treatment according to the manufacturing process.

Промышленная коробка передач

Industrial gearboxes with helical bevel gear used in many different industries. For changing the speed and changing the direction of the drive. Industrial gearboxes are available with tooth ring diameters. That ranging from less than 50 mm to 2000 mm . and are usually scraped or ground after heat treatment.


We have many years of experience and strengths in the custom processing of bevel gears and helical gears. Our helical gear adopts a hard tooth surface, which has stable operation and a large bearing capacity. The working environment temperature is -10℃~40. Compared with similar products, This device features a large speed change range, a small structure, and is easy to install when compared to similar items.



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Rolling mill reduction gearbox

In mining applications, gearboxes need to be rugged, reliable. and able to withstand the harsh conditions of the mining environment. They must be able to operate continuously under heavy loads and high temperatures. and they must be resistant to dust, dirt, and other contaminants.Mining industry included earth moving machine,crushing grinding material handling,supply processes.Konic supply grinding gearbox,crushing gearbox,Jaw crusher gearbox,etc.