KONIC gearbox is a high-quality extruder duty helical gearbox manufacturer . serving a wide range of industries in China and throughout the world. The extruder duty helical gearboxes we sell are notable for their high performance. smooth operation, and comfortable operation. All of these products are precision-engineered and handcrafted using cutting-edge technology . and sophisticated machinery and tools. We have been successful as extruder duty helical gearbox providers. because we are professionals in manufacturing industry-specific gearboxes for a variety of applications. Are you seeking for all varieties of low-noise, high-efficiency, high-performance gearboxes. We can produce and provide various types of gearboxes exactly to your specifications.


  • Extremely robust housing walls and integrated thrust bearings to absorb the high axial forces . that emerge as a result of the plasticising of the granules in the screw area
  • Low maintenance effort due to the integration of the thrust bearings in the housing
  • Gear design for use in processing a wide array of materials
  • Consistently high-quality melt due to extraordinary vibration. free operation and quiet operating of the gear.
  • The gearbox allows numerous installation positions:like vertical output upward / downward/horizontal left / right/Z-FLOW / U-FLOW


Single Screw Extruder Gearboxes

Single Screw Extruder Gearboxes

China-based KONIC GEARBOX is a manufacturer, exporter. and leading supplier of single-screw extruder gearboxes. In the plastic extruder business. KONIC Gearbox‘s single-screw extruder gears have established a sterling reputation. The strong and adaptable mounting design . provides the consumer with the best product currently available on the market. The exceptional product quality and gearbox . development expertise of KONIC for the plastics sector. make us the chosen partner for extruder plant manufacturers.

Twin Screw Extuder Gearboxes

Each twin-screw extruder gearbox built for the customer’s exact requirements. The rotational speed and output torque of the screws, as a major component of the extruder. are customized to your needs. We provide typical center distances between 20 mm and 80 mm for . Other sizes based on the needs of the client.

Twin Screw Extuder Gearboxes


The best extruder gearbox manufacturers, KONIC gearbox. is well-equipped with adequate infrastructure and an experienced team of engineers. We guarantee on-time delivery of inline helical geared motors that meet your specifications. We specialize in the manufacture of various sorts of gearboxes. Inform us of your requests and needs. We can meet all of your requirements while maintaining the highest level of quality. We service industries such as aviation, agriculture, mining & quarrying, automotive. and others as the top industrial gearbox providers.

precision industrial gearbox


KONIC GEARBOX has extensive expertise repairing and refurbishing single and twin screw counter . and co rotating extruder gears for the Plastics and Rubber industries. All of our extruder repairs include case hardened. and tooth ground gears for optimal dependability and efficiency.We provide comprehensive turnkey solutions for all of your gearing needs. and our knowledge allows us to know just what to propose for your gearing application. from minor repairs to entire rebuilds.

This is backed up by our 20 years of experience designing . and developing extruder gearboxes for the plastics and rubber industries. so you can be confident that your gearbox to the highest quality.Many businesses have discovered that it is more cost efficient to have their equipment fixed by us . rather than ship them back to the OEMs, who are sometimes located overseas.We repair, re-engineer, and occasionally re-invent your gears. using cutting-edge engineering techniques to make it better than the original.