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Worm gearbox are also a popular type of reducer because they provide maximum reduction in the smallest package. With a high reduction ratio and high torque output multiples, many power transmission systems use worm gear reducers. Worm gear reducers are used in tuning instruments, medical test equipment, elevators, safety gates, and conveyor belts.


KONIC high precision worm gearboxes reducer are popular for its high precision, flexibility, adaptability and effifficiency,especially in high precision design . Whether you need a single stage or double stage worm reductition gearbox; we have a perfect solutition for your unique applicatition.

What is Worm Gearbox?

The most common use for worm gears is in worm reducer. A worm gear set, worm gear reducer, or worm drive gear box is another name for a worm gear reducer. It is made up of a worm wheel, a shaft, a bearing, and a box frame. The case supports the worm wheel, shaft, and bearing loads. As a result, the gearbox housing must be sufficiently rigid. Otherwise, transmission quality will suffer. KONIC Worm gear boxes have features such as durability, transmission ratio, small size, strong self-locking ability, simple structure.

A worm gearbox is a type of gearbox that generates movement using shafts, worm gears, bearings, and toothed wheels. They can be used to drive a variety of mechanical devices and in some engines as well. Worm gearboxes may rotate the input by 90 degrees relative to the output.

Where is a worm gearbox used?

Worm gearboxes feature characteristics such as durability, ratio, small size, self-locking capability, simple structure, etc. So, the worm gearbox has been widely used in a variety of industries; rotary tables, batching systems, automatic feeding machinery, stackers, belt conveyors, farm picking trucks, and many more automated industries.

  • Mechanical rotation;
  • Mixers;
  • Automation;
  • Conveyors;
  • Printing machines
inside of worm gear

How Do Worm Gearboxes Work?

Worm gears consist of a worm (sometimes referred to as a “worm screw”) and a worm wheel. The worm resembles a conventional screw and turns in response to input. Typically composed of bronze, the worm gear rotates in reaction to the movement of the screw. The goal is to reduce the system’s rotational speed or transmit a greater torque, depending on the application requirements.

How to Choose a Worm Gearboxes?

There is a problem of low transmission efficiency. There are 3 basic points you should know for choosing a high efficiency worm gear.

1.Helix angle – The worm gear transmission efficiency depends mainly on the helix angle of the worm gear. Typically, multi-threaded worm gears and gears are more efficient than single-threaded worm gears. Properly threaded worm gears can improve efficiency.

2.Lubrication—Selecting brand-name lubricant is an important factor in improving the efficiency of worm gearboxes. As proper lubrication can reduce the friction and heat of worm gear action.

3.Material selection and gear manufacturing technology — For worm shaft, the material should be hardened steel.

The worm gear material should be aluminum bronze. By reducing the hardness of the worm gear, the friction on the worm gear teeth is reduced. In worm manufacturing, the use of special machine tools for worm gear cutting and grinding can also improve the efficiency of worm gear transmission.


Industrial Worm Gearboxes Series NMRV:Double Stage Worm Gearbox

  • Model No.:NMRV025, NMRV030, NMRV040, NMRV050, NMRV063, NMRV075, NMRV090, NMRV110, NMRV130.
  • Ratio:5,7.5,10,15,20,25,30,40,50,60,80,100
  • Color: Silver/Cinerous
  • Housing: Frame Size 25-090 Aluminum Alloy, Frame Size 100-130 Cast-Iron.
  • Worm Wheel: abrasion-resistant tin bronze or aluminum bronze
  • Worm:20CrMnTi
  • Pinion:Tin Bronze/Cinerous
  • Output Shaft: 40Cr

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A KONIC helical worm gearbox (series S) has a power rating of 0.12KW to 55KW and a torque output of 55-10200Nm. Ratio: 7.1-500. Similar to the majority of gearboxes, the mounting location ranges from M1 to M6. Our gearboxes are simple to repair and replace due to their modular architecture. Additionally, any helical worm gearbox is compatible with helical gear motors. You can pick between a DC or AC supply for versatility and convenience.

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