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 Parallel Shaft Gearbox

Parallel Shaft Gearbox

Data Sheet:
Transmission level:

2 or 3 levels

Output shaft:

Solid shaft, hollow shaft

Output Torque:

130 N.m~~20000 N.m



Input Power:


Parallel Shaft Gearbox

The parallel shaft gearbox is a novel reduction transmission device. Adopting the optimized and advanced design concept of modular combination systems, it has the properties of small size, lightweight, large transmission torque, stable starting, and finely graded transmission ratio. It can be connected arbitrarily and various installation positions can be selected according to user requirements. The types and quantities of parts and components are greatly reduced, and the delivery cycle is also greatly shortened.

parallel shaft gearbox

Applications for Parallel Shaft Gearbox

pallarle shaft reducer

Parallel shaft gearboxes are utilized in a variety of industrial applications. such as

  • Trash disposal and recycling;
  • Roller conveyors
  • Laminating machines;
  • Machinery for processing wood;
  • Agitators, Mixing equipment,
  • Stacking equipment,
  • Screw conveyors;
  • Travel drives for cranes;
  • Welding equipment;
  • Surface aerators.

Trustworthy Parallel Shaft Gearbox Manufacturer

Parallel Shaft Gearbox adopts external meshing single-stage helical gear or herringbone gear, and the gears and shafts are all made of high-quality alloy steel forgings, with ultrasonic flaw detection; The tooth surface is processed by advanced processes such as carburizing, quenching or nitriding, precision grinding, thermoelastic deformation and modification, and the geometric accuracy reaches grade 5 or higher specified in the national standard. The hardness of tooth surface is above hrc56; The bearing is a dynamic sliding bearing with Babbitt alloy lining inside, which is accurately processed according to the design profile; The box body is of cast or welded structure, with good strength and stiffness, accurate boring, and accurate alignment of gears and bearings; All rotating elements are accurately calibrated by dynamic balance to ensure stable and reliable operation of the gearbox at high speed.

application parallel shaft gearboxes

Features of Parallel Shaft Gearbox

  • Parallel shaft gearboxes with a modular & adaptable design.
  • A transmission structure with a small volume and a large center distance. and 10% increase in torque transmission capacity and load impact resistance.
  • The Finite element optimization casting box improves operation stability by 30%. successfully reduces the noise of the entire machine.
  • The large modulus gear design and improved bearing configuration increase the product’s reliability and service life.
  • Up to 95% modular design, worldwide manufacturing, faster production, and logistics cycle.
  • Higher power density may minimize equipment installation space, and the overall structure is smaller.
  • High reliability and extended design life can significantly lower your cost of use and maintenance costs.
  • A diversity of output and arrangement types can accommodate more than 150 distinct installation and application types.
pallarle shaft gearbox

Our Advantanges

KONIC gearbox believes that the health and safety of our employees, visitors, and the public is of the highest value. We are committed to providing the best advice and assistance to the functional and operational groups within KONIC as we strive to achieve KONIC’s business goals.

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The whole process and all-around service to customers is the initiative of Konic gear to provide complete solutions. While delivering high-quality products and technology, we also provide customers with all-around service solutions in the transmission industry.

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Konic continues to adhere to the enterprise philosophy of “integrity, mutual benefit, and win-win results and quality first”, and continues to maintain intelligent manufacturing iteration and technology upgrading, so as to realize the sustainable development of enterprises with high quality, high efficiency.

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Konic is a group of gearbox experts who specialized in CNC machining, gearbox repairs, and industrial gearbox spares.

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Konic has 20 years of production experience, which allows us to ensure that our customers receive the customized products on time.

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Konic introduces world-class high-precision equipment through a steady stream of technological innovation.t

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Konic provides personalized expert technical support as well as responsive and proactive support service solutions.

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