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Custom Gear Shaft

The gear shaft refers to the mechanical part that supports the rotating part and rotates with it to transmit motion, torque, or bending moment. Generally, it is in the shape of a metal round rod, and each segment can have different diameters. The parts that perform rotary motion in the machine are mounted on the shaft.

coarse pitch gearing

According to the shape of the axis, the shaft can be divided into two categories: crankshaft and straight shaft. According to the bearing capacity of the shaft, it can be divided into: a rotating shaft, which bears both bending moment and torque during operation and is a common shaft in machinery, such as shafts in various reducers. The mandrel is used to support the rotating parts and only bear the bending moment and not transmit the torque. Some mandrels rotate, such as the shaft of the railway vehicle, and some mandrels do not rotate, such as the shaft supporting the pulley. The transmission shaft is mainly used to transmit torque without bearing bending moment, such as the long optical axis in the mobile mechanism of the crane, the drive shaft of the car, etc. The custom gear shafts produced by Konic are of good quality, long life, and have high precision.

Product Advantages:

Konic offers custom worm reduction gearboxes with solid or hollow output shafts and our products feature adjustable mounting positions. Designed to withstand shock loads better than other reduction gearboxes, making them ideal for demanding applications.

  • Lightweight and compact
  •  Non-corrosive
  • Adjustable mounting position
Konic Advantages:
  • Konic experienced technical support staff help customers choose the right reducer for the application.
  •  Professional Team
  • Advanced Equipment
  • 1-1 Technical Support
gearbox for construction

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