Hoisting & Crane Industry

Konic Gearbox is the world's leading manufacturer of industrial gearboxes, heavy duty gearboxes, and custom gearboxes. For the crane sector, KONIC Gearbox manufactures excellent-grade crane-duty helical gearboxes.

Planetary Gearbox For Construction

Konic Gearbox is popular in the construction equipment industry, supplying gearboxes to a wide range of industrial applications. KONIC planetary gearbox Applicable to all kinds of concrete mixer, high-precision and easy assembly on the mixer pan

Wind Turbine Gearbox

The Konic gearbox has low vibrations and dissipates the heat produced by the internal mechanisms. Konic gearboxes contribute to the transformation of the global energy system with reliable, robust, and efficient gearboxes for wind turbines.

Winch Gearbox

Konic Gearbox is one of the world's leading manufacturers of gearboxes and rope winches for maritime applications. KONIC produced gearboxes are used for tugboats, ice breakers, dredgers, and firefighting vessels as marine gearboxes.

Gearbox Repair

Konic Gearbox specializes in industrial gearbox repair and gear manufacturing. We service and repair a wide range of industrial gears.The repair aspect can consist of repairing cracked and/or broken teeth. Konic has the machining capability to machine these teeth back into place when the weld repair is complete.

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