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How to Maintain Industrial Gearbox to Extend Their Lifespan?


Industrial gearboxes are widely utilized in a variety of production industries. It performs the daily tasks necessary for the machine to operate normally. In production, gearboxes encounter issues such as natural deterioration, improper operation, and strange operating sounds. The routine Maintain Industrial gearbox is crucial for ensuring their proper operation and extending their lifespan.

Why is Maintaining Industrial Gearbox Necessary?


We are often aware that industrial gearboxes require periodic maintenance. It is less expensive than purchasing a new industrial gearbox in addition to being very beneficial for your gearbox.

As a manufacturer of industrial gearboxes for more than two decades. KONIC recommends our customers to constantly perform routine maintenance on their gearboxes. Let us explain to you in this article

  • The Benefit of Maintenance of Industrial Gearbox
  • How to Check Industrial Gearbox need to Maintenance?
  • Tips Industrial Gearbox Maintenance
Industrial Gearbox Maintenance
Industrial Gearbox Maintenance

The Benefit of Maintenance of Industrial Gearbox


Regular maintenance of your industrial gearbox is the wise choice to determine what repairs it’s going to need. Preventive industrial gearbox maintenance will assist you in avoiding a breakdown in production. and keep your business up and running. both proactive maintenance when something is wrong. Preventative maintenance and inspection are important to keep your gearbox in top condition. The following are some maintain industrial gearbox tips you’ll find helpful to keep your industrial gearbox in great shape.

How to Check Industrial Gearbox need to Maintenance?


1. The Process of Maintain Industrial Gearbox


  • Adhere to style specifications….
  • Inspect shaft seals.
  • Keep work areas clean.
  • Lubricate adequately.
  • Check for gear wear.
  • Conduct regular vibration inspections….
  • Speak to the experts about industrial gearbox maintenance.
precision industrial gearbox
precision industrial gearbox

2.Minimize the Environmental Impact of Your Industrial Gearbox

Keep the workplace and your equipment free from dirt, dust, and debris. and find the gearbox inspection ports before opening. Always close the port after inspection to prevent any dirt from entering. Inspect filter elements and magnetic debris collectors further. Store your gearbox on a solid foundation in a dry, low-humidity area. This environment will help keep your unit in good condition. and reduce the possibility of its components breaking down.


3.Regularly Lubricate Industrial Gearbox 


Maintain industrial gearbox includes checking for correct lubrication on your industrial gearbox. Use the recommended lubricant type and grade, and also the correct quantity. Industrial gearboxes will need a special variety of oil depending on the season and temperature. Also, rummage around for signs of oil leaks at shaft seals. Measure the pressure level and check for low oil within the sight glass.

Lubricate Industrial Gearbox
Lubricate Industrial Gearbox

4.Monitor the Temperature of Your Industrial Gearbox


Ensure you check the industrial gearbox temperature regularly to forestall overheating. You ought to also keep a record of temperature fluctuations. Signs of overheating include burned paint on housings or discoloration. smoke, foam within the sight glass, and melted plastic components.


Pitting could be a sign of surface stress. Decrease weight loads and speed to alleviate some of the surface pressure. You must also inspect magnetic plugs, shafts, and bearings for wear as a part of your preventative maintenance.


5.Conduct Vibration Tests on Your Industrial Gearbox


Do a vibration test if the work environment is simply too noisy. This maintenance test will show any changes in movement or misalignment of the gears. Movement can happen, for instance, if there are cracks within the element.

Tips Industrial Gearbox Maintenance

As one of the leading planetary gearbox manufacturers. KONIC gearbox uses the simplest gearbox components to ensure maximum durability. and performance and avoid maintenance issues. But practically, since it’s being, which, in turn, contributes to the performance of another piece of equipment. you need to do a periodic checkup to spot existing concerns. if any, and potential problems that will surface later. Here are six tips.

Maintenance of Industrial Gearbox
Maintenance of Industrial Gearbox

 All Parts Thoroughly Checked

This can be one of the most important advantages of reconditioning a gearbox. The gearbox is completely disassembled for a thorough inspection. This helps to examine each and every part for any wear and tear that it may have incurred. Small wear may result in failure of the part in the future. Thus, this inspection process helps decide whether a specific part must be replaced. 

Optional General-Purpose Parts

Thus, replacing a part that is on the verge of becoming operationally useless can help prevent future repairs. It also saves money and time, and you don’t have to stop what you’re doing until the repair is done. All this may have a positive impact on the operation’s finances, along with reducing downtime. This makes it extremely important to perform regular checks and reconditioning of gearboxes.

Once you get your gearbox reconditioned by an expert. You’re eligible to get a guarantee on the equipment and parts installed on the gearbox. You do not really have to worry about the reconditioning performed.

 Economical Alternative

Gearbox reconditioning may be a cost-effective alternative to repair. Therefore, it’s always an honest option to recondition a gearbox rather than buy a brand-new one. You would possibly think that, since it’s inexpensive, a reconditioned gearbox is of lower quality than a replacement one. On a contrary, in reconditioning it’s made sure that the gearbox matches all the specifications of the initial manufacturer. Each and each part of the gearbox that is fixed up will work the same as a current. Maintaining your production schedule requires routine checks of your industrial gearboxes.



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