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How Does the Concrete Mixer Reducer Work?


Mixers are widely used, whether it is a cement mixer truck with a “twisted belly” on the road. A raw material mixing barrel in a chemical plant, or a tall cement mixer fixed on a construction  site, they can see everywhere. A mixer can be a stand-alone piece of equipment, or it can be part of a larger group of equipment. When upgrading or installing a new mixer. The selection and installation of many critical components are often considered.

Among them, as the most widely used mixer, the most important part of the concrete mixer is the reducer. It installes between the motor and the impeller shaft. So let’s have a comprehensive understanding of how to choose a concrete mixer reducer through the following article.

  1. What is the role of reducer in cement mixers?
  2. What types of cement mixer reducers ?
  3. Which reducer has a better stirring effect?
  4. How to choose a cement mixer reducer?
  5. What product parameters should pay attention to when purchasing a reducer?
  6. Konic industrial reducer solution provider
parallel shaft gearbox

What is the role of reducer in cement mixers?

The principle of the mixer reducer and the working principle of the mixer introduces before. The uniform mixing of the concrete material realizes by the rotation of the bearing of the mixing blade. It has become the main mixing method in construction. And the mixer has also become common mixing equipment in construction projects. The reducer is the key content of the mixer’s work, and the quality of its work directly affects the overall construction benefit.

During the construction process, the reducer is very prone to these failures. which affect the use of the mixing equipment to a certain extent. In the production process of the mixer, whether the speed is reduced by changing the rotor current or the excitation current. It will bring about a change in torque, so only the speed is reduced. The reducer is to reduce the speed of the stirring shaft, increase the torque of the stirring shaft, and make the stirring shaft run safely and stably.

What are the types of cement mixer reducers?

The reducer is a power transmission mechanism. Its production principle is to use the speed converter of the gear. To decelerate the number of revolutions of the motor to the required number of revolutions. There are four main types of gear reducers: planetary gear reducers. worm gear reducers, gear train gear reducers and bevel gear reducers. Each gear reducer has its advantages and disadvantages. You will have to choose the one that’s the most adapted to your intended use.

Types of reducers we currently produce:

  • Cycloidal reducer
  • Planetary reducer
  • Industrial Gearboxes
  • Parallel shaft reducer
  • Large reducer

It uses to transmit power and motion in the mechanism. The application of the reducer in modern machinery comparing. widely. There are generally two types of reducers commonly used in concrete mixers. planetary reducers and cycloid reducers.

Which reducer is better for mixing?

Compared with the cycloid needle type. The planetary reducer mixing equipment can see from the operation principle. During the production and operation of the concrete mixer, the reducer may overheat. The operator must control the temperature of the reducer bearing. Regular inspection of the bearing requires to observe the overall use of the bearing. For bearings with abnormal friction, the local heat that may generat should reduce in time. The operator must strictly control the viscosity of the oil. calculate the density of the oil according to the equipment requirements. and operating parameters, and detect the viscosity grade. possible localized high temperature.

With the development of the economy, the concept of the simultaneous development of economy. and energy saving is gradually popularized. the demand for concrete increases, and the quality requirements increase. Drum concrete mixers are gradually replaced by vertical concrete mixers. In some large construction sites. vertical planetary mixers in cement products factories are widely used.

How to choose a cement mixer reducer?

Before purchasing a gear reducer, it is essential to consider a number of things.A gear reducer is utilized to modify the properties (torque and speed) of a mechanism’s input and output axes. Therefore, you must be aware of the torque and rotational speed.

Therefore, it is appropriate to inquire about torque first and foremost. A reducer increases the torque of your motor. allowing a receiving member to rotate in response to the new torque. Manufacturers of gear reducers may declare the minimum. and maximum torque (expressed in newton meters, Nm) supported by their devices. Torque density is dependent on the gear reducer. Planetary gearboxes, for instance, have a high torque density.

The other purpose of a gear reducer is to reduce the motor speed. and you should consider the optimal reduction ratio for your application. The reduction ratio determines the output rotational speed . based on the motor’s rotational speed. Manufacturers also include this information on their product pages. It is expressed in rotations per minute.

planetary gearbox for concrete mixer
planetary gearbox for concrete mixer

Finally, you should consider what type of gear reducer assembly is optimal for your application. Your gear reducer’s input and output shafts can be coaxial, parallel, or orthogonal. This depends on the intended application.

What are the specifications when purchasing a reducer?

  1. Mixing Power
  2. Input Speed
  3. Output Speed
  4. External Diameter
  5. Gross Weight

Konic cement mixer special reducer series

Konic is a global customized reducer manufacturer. It committes to the research. and development and production of reducers for 20 years. and continuously outputs the value to customers with first-class technology, products and services. The developed KONIC series of planetary reducers for cement mixing. (currently KN500-4000 model) is a reducer with spiral bevel gear and planetary gear structure. Has the following characteristics:

  • Torque transmission between parts using splines
  • Floating design of planetary gear carrier ensures equal load on each gear
  • The box body and connecting body are made of ductile iron. which has the advantages of high efficiency, low backlash. high torque and impact resistance, and can meet the use of mixers with a volume of 1.5 cubics to 4 cubic meters.
  • Low energy consumption, low noise, compact structure and easy maintenance.
planetary gearbox for concrete mixer
planetary gearbox for concrete mixer

It is especially suitable for various cement mixers. cement mixing stations and other construction industry applications.  Learn more about product technical parameters and application scenarios. If you have special needs. you can contact our product consultant. and we will recommend more professional product models according to your actual situation.

Vertical planetary mixer reducer features

Planetary reducers names for their similarity to the solar system. The components of the planetary reducer include sun gear, ring gear and planetary gear. The sun gear is the sun gear fixed in the centre, the ring gear (ring) is the outer ring with internal teeth. and the planet gears rotate around the sun gear and the grid with the help of the sun gear and the ring gear.

Konic industrial reducer solution supplier

Konic produces various reducers and gearboxes with superior and reliable performance. We respond promptly to customer service and maintenance requests. and meet all customer requirements for gearboxes.

Contact us today to find out how we can meet your gearbox requirements, reduce costs, improve reliability, and add value to your production.

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