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 What is Difference Between Gearbox and Reducer?

What is Difference Between Gearbox and Reducer?


Is a gearbox a speed reducer? What is the difference between gearbox and reducer? Electro mechanical products often give people a very abstract feeling. and many people just contact the electromechanical industry think puzzled. it is difficult to understand the concept. Gearboxes and reducers are closely related to each other. and reducers include gearboxes, which exist as mechanisms on reducers. As the production of industrial gears for 20 years. Let Konic gearbox to tell you the difference between gearboxes and reducers.

What is a Reducer?

The full name of the reducer is a reducer motor, that is a collection of motor and gear box. Also known as the motor reducer all-in-one machine. the main transmission structure by the transmission motor (also known as motor). gear box combination of reducer (reducer equipment). It has the functions of connection, transmission, deceleration, and lifting torque (load-bearing capacity).

Type of Reducer

Usually, Common types of reducers are gear reducer. planetary reducer, DC reducer, brush DC reducer. brushless DC reducer, hollow cup reducer, stepper reducer. servo reducer, RV reducer, harmonic reducer, AC reducer, cylindrical reducer, etc.

  • According to the number of gear driving stages. Divided into single-stage reducer, multi-stage reducer .
  • According to the type of gear material. Divided into plastic reducer, planetary reducer, etc.
  • According to the type of drive. Divided into gear reducers, worm gear reducers and planetary gear reducers .
  • According to the shape of gears. Divided into cylindrical gear reducers, bevel gear reducers and bevel-cylindrical gear reducers.
  • According to the arrangement form of the drive. it can be further divided into unfolded, split and coaxial reducers.
Featured of Different Types of Reducers
Worm Gear Reducer

The main features of worm gear reducer are that it has reverse self-locking function. can have larger reduction ratio, the input and output shafts are not on the same axis or in the same plane. but it is generally larger in size, not high driving efficiency and not high precision.

Helical Worm Gearbox
Harmonic Reducer

Harmonic drive of harmonic reducer. that uses controlled elastic deformation of flexible components to transmit motion and power. which is not large in size and has high precision. but the disadvantages limited life of flexible wheel. not impact resistant, poor rigidity compared with metal parts. and input speed cannot be too high.

Planetary Reducer

Planetary gearboxes have benefits as compact structure. small return clearance, high precision, good drive. low energy consumption, wide deceleration range, high output torque. long service life, and rated output torque can be made very large.

Gear reducer

With small volume, large transmission torque, good drive. low energy consumption, superior performance. gear reducer designed and manufactured on the basis of modular combination system. with extremely large number of motor combinations, installation forms and structural solutions. fine driving score, to meet different working conditions and enhance electromechanical integration, etc.

DC reducer

DC reducer features small oscillation, low noise, high energy saving. new type of sealing device, good protection performance. strong adaptability to environment. can work continuously in harsh environment with corrosion, humidity, etc.

Stepper Reducer

It features high precision open-loop positioning function. static locking function, simple control, long life, high reliability, etc.

Hollow Cup Reducer

That features energy-saving characteristics: great energy conversion efficiency. rapid starting and braking, fast response. in the recommended operating area of the speed running state. you can easily make sensitive adjustment of the speed. dragging characteristics: reliable operating stability, small fluctuation of speed.

What is The Gearbox?

The gearbox, often known as the reduce. has made up of various size transmission gear sets. Gearboxes divided into planetary gearboxes, cylindrical gearboxes. spur gearboxes, parallel gearboxes, helical gearboxes, bevel gearboxes, worm gearboxes. according to the use and gear structure .


It also divided into plastic gearboxes and metal gearboxes according to the material. for example, planetary gearboxes used due to the precision. long life, small size, transmission efficiency, wide range of reduction. The structure of planetary gearboxes consists of planetary wheels. sun wheels, The structure of planetary gear box consists of planetary wheel. sun wheel, inner gear ring, drive shaft, gasket, box assembly.

What is a reduction gear box and the types of reduction gear boxes. we have been introduced in the previous article. if interested readers can check this article to learn What is Reduction Gearbox?How to Select The Suitable Reducer?

what is reduction gearbox


The Difference Between Gearbox and Reducer

In general, there is no distinction between a gearbox and a reducer. they both relate to the same thing. In actuality, they are not fully same. because a gearbox is installed with a motor reducer. also known as a reducer motor, which can also referred to as a three in one reduction. such as containing motor, reducer, and brake . but in general, gearbox and reducer are synonymous. Reducer classified as gear reducer, worm gear reducer. and planetary gear reducer. 

Gearboxes divided into reduction gearboxes. speed increasing gearboxes and variable speed gearboxes. A speed reducer is one of the reduction gearboxes. But reducer should also include non-gear drive reducer. as long as it can achieve the deceleration effect. can not use the gear drive, sprockets, pulleys. that used for speed reduction drive. in this case, the reducer can not be fully equivalent to the gear box. And because the efficiency of the gearbox is higher than other transmission methods. and the transmission ratio is accurate. so most cases using the gear drive way to manufacture reducer. so it is customary to often treat the reducer and gear box as a thing.


To sum up, reducer because it is a motor installed reducer. gear box in most cases using the gear drive way to manufacture reducer. So it is customary to often treat the reducer, gearbox and gearbox as one thing. Unless there are special requirements in the actual application. there is only a slight some differences. For example, a speed reducern used in an elevator for a ride, a gearbox used in a car, etc.

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