Widly Used in Cement Mixer Planetary Mixer Gearbox

KONIC provides planetary mixer gearbox for various mixing capacities. Planetary Mixers typically include provisions for mounting the mixing arm and scrapping arm. In this manner, the mixing arm rotates along its own axis while also rotating along the common axis of the gear box. The gears are arranged in such a way that the mixer arm rotates at a faster rate than the scrapper arm.

This configuration produces a highly homogeneous mixture in a short amount of time. A high-quality gearbox with precisely selected and in lower energy consumption and a longer service life for the mixers. Concrete block and paver manufacturers, as well as some chemical industries, have widely accepted and adapted these mixers.

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KN 1000/1500 Planetary Mixer Gearbox

As a leading planetary mixer gearbox  manufacturer & supplier in the world. Konic utilizes only the best materials present today on creating wholes series gearbox capacity range from 50m³to 5,000m³. that 严格的 遵守立式行星搅拌行业的全球生产标准。

Konic products 广泛的 used in Concrete  ready  mix,  blocks,  bricks,  roof tiles, pipes, asphalt mixing, glass, ceramics etc. and Konic has serviced hundreds of customersin the world我们深耕欧洲市场10多年,在欧洲混凝土搅拌机行业享有一定声誉。 As a Cooperation partners of famous concrete mixer,such as Shantui Construction Machinery Group. our gearboxes get our customer approval . 

Details for Planetary Mixer Gearbox KN 1000/1500


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柯尼是拥有20多年设计及生产齿轮箱的专家团队,生产人员都是从事CNC 加工、齿轮箱维修和工业齿轮箱备件的专业团队。







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Featured About Konic Planetary Concrete Gearbox

Traditional gears use the special heal treatment process independently developed to refine the internal Struc­ture of the gears and enhance the strength of the gears. The gears are ground with high-precision gear grinding machines to improve gear accuracy, achieve smooth transmission and reduce gearbox meshing noise. Enhance the shock load resistance of the gearbox and extend the seivice life of the gearbox.

Specification of KN Series

specification of planetary gearbox for concrete mixer

Best selling in concrete industry KN Series Concrete Mixer Reducer

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Konic has many years of experience and strengths in the custom processing of parallel shaft reducer gearboxes, and its products are widely used in light industry, food, beer and beverages, chemicals, escalators, automated storage equipment

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