The vertical planetary Concrete mixer for concrete and other industries is so popular in recent year. It is essential mixing machine for many industrial users. The advent of the vertical planetary Concrete mixer as a replacement for the drum mixer. And have high performance in many concrete sectors, including PC. why more and more factory choose vertical planetary concrete mixer?

What is a vertical planetary concrete mixer?


A vertical planetary concrete mixer is a novel type of automatic mixing machine. that used its vertical structure and usage of a planetary reducer as the mixing power device. This equipment has been rising in China for only a few years. Due to its new technology and practicality. it has the momentum of replacing the traditional double horizontal shaft forced mixer.

vertical planetary concrete mixer

What are the benefits of a vertical planetary Concrete mixer?

The vertical planetary Concrete mixer can adjust the automatic production line. And the vertical shaft concrete mixer is set to load, mix, and unload. Then continue the next process through the conveying device. The mixing process of the vertical planetary Concrete mixer can provide a variety of mixing forms. which can effectively knead, disperse, shear, and stir the mixed materials in a short time. and prevent the sedimentation of materials. Thus, there is no agglomeration of the mixed materials.


The new mixing technology has high stability & good workability. and the mixing process takes a short time. In particular, the vertical planetary Concrete mixer will not destroy the biological. the rationality of the mixture even if the mixing intensity is intense. Especially some materials that are easy to deform and difficult to stir. Therefore, the application quality of vertical shaft planetary mixer equipment is very efficient.

vertical planetary concrete mixers

The vertical shaft planetary mixers won’t cause physical damage. even to the mixed material regardless of the strength of the churning. Particularly some easily deformed, difficult to combine homogeneous materials. As a result, vertical shaft planetary mixer equipment has a very good application quality.

A Vertical Planetary Concrete Mixer VS a Drum Mixer


According the Vertical Planetary Concrete Mixer advantage, it has immediately occupied the classic drum mixer market. and has a very high market share in the industry. The vertical shaft planetary mixer employs the innovative planetary mixing idea. which may achieve great homogeneity in a short period. The vertical shaft planetary mixing transmission device uses the KN series reducer. The reducer made by  KONIC GEARBOX is the fundamental component of the mixer technology.


As the technical core component of the vertical planetary concrete mixer. the reducer determines the concrete mixer working efficiency and service life . A good reducer has low noise, strong stability, easy maintenance and even mixing effect.


which has a high efficiency when compared to the transmission system of the standard drum mixer. Structure of compact design The planetary trajectory of the material is driven by the unique designed mixing structure. which transports the material along the intended path in the cylinder to stir each other in a short time. to achieve uniform mixing strength and assure a high homogenous mixing effect of the mixture. Stir to make it mixed evenly.

concrete mixer reducer

The planetary gear reducer is designed with low noise and high mechanical efficiency. which can save power and reduce equipment space. The agitator contains a multi-layer paddle type, frame type, butterfly type, outer wheel type, etc. According to the material requirements. With the combination of rotation and revolution. the mixing and stirring force are strong, which can make each component combine. achieve micro uniform distribution, and achieve high uniformity of materials in a short time.


Simple operation A vertical shaft planetary mixer is very popular among users in modern building materials mixing equipment. Users need to consider many aspects when choosing a vertical shaft planetary mixer. Whether the operation is simple is also one of the factors to be considered.


The following is a brief introduction to the operation process of the mixer. Multiple models Different models of planetary mixers directly restrict the discharge capacity of mixed materials. The natural discharge capacity is also different with different mixer models. The discharge capacity corresponds to the commonly used planetary mixer model of planetary mixer .such as one plate of vertical shaft planetary 500 mixers can mix 0.5 cubic meters of commercial concrete, and so on.

Manufacturer of vertical planetary mixer in China

  • MEKA
  • Konele;
  • Hebei Shuangxing;
  • Qingdao Dikai;
  • Zhengzhou Huaxin machinery; Zhengzhou Changli machinery, etc.

Application area for vertical planetary mixer

Concrete precast units

Application for All kinds of cement prefabricated components. floor tiles: for sidewalks, residential areas or parks, ground cement pipes: For urban drainage pipe networks, diversion ditches, and culvert tunnel segments: For supporting and lining prestressed beams/pier Columns of shield or tunneling machine excavation tunnels: For external walls, floors, stairs of elevated roads, railways, or bridges across river bays: For rapid construction of various building hollow blocks: For building walls Decorative plates such as retaining walls (terrazzo, cultural stone, etc.): used for building facade or ground decoration aerated concrete products (blocks, laths, etc.): used for light insulation walls and roofs.


Using the same energy consumption, the vertical planetary mixer can achieve better work quality and short time. The vertical shaft planetary mixer has less routine maintenance and less equipment failure. It can improve production efficiency and quality when used in various production lines.

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