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5 Things You Should Know About Custom Gearbox


In the world, KONIC Gearbox is an innovative gearbox manufacturer and service provider. We not only produce standard gearboxes. but also have the R&D capability to provide special design . and retrofitting services for our customers’ gearboxes.

According to the special requirements of our customers. our design team and the customer will work closely to develop Konic know about custom gearbox have plenty experiences. and optimize the product design to ensure that the product meets the demanding conditions of use. We have extensive field experience. thus designing and manufacturing gearboxes to meet trouble-free operation. Let’s go through this article below to understand the industrial custom gearboxes and their usage scenarios.

The specific introduction from 5

 factors to konw about custom gearbox is provided as below:

  • 1.What is the  function of a Custom Gearbox?
  • 2.Why we choose Custom Gearbox?
  • 3.What industries are custom gearboxes used in?
  • 4.Types of custom gearboxes
  • 5.How to choose  a Reliable Gearbox

1.The Function of a Custom Gearbox

Custom Gearbox products can finagle to meet a range of specific inquiry. Such as  power, and power consumption conditions. They may also erect to give fresh safety and effectiveness in a variety of Harsh environment. Anyhow of the particularity needed, all our custom results develop with the client’s asked timeline and popular objects in mind.

2.The Benefit of a Custom Gearbox

Personalization options available

They can acclimatize to deliver the exact and speed range you bear. Whatever you need it’s possible to get a motor. and gearbox combination that will be suitable to affair the and speed conditions you have. Gearboxes enable you to get much near to the specific demand by furnishing the inflexibility and range you can not get from just a motor.

More reasonable design 

Modern manufacturing allows some suppliers to build transmissions and components to meet specific application requirements. What is the target output speed or output torque of the transmission? This partly defines the required gear ratio. What are the characteristics used? How many hours per day does the transmission run? Does it need to withstand shock and vibration? Custom gearboxes can be designed to address these customer needs in a reasonable manner

Compact structure

A gearbox can add significantly further for a veritably small package. and can thus be monstrously effective as a system for driving low- speed, high-operations from a small package.

3.Industrial Serviced Custom Gearboxes


Agrarian gearboxes are part of the kinematic chain of mowers, harvesters, farmers, and analogous pieces of the outfit. In these settings, a tractor or hydraulic motor generally powers the gearbox. which transmits through the system to enable digging, spreading, scattering, or harvesting. A high-performance gearbox helps manage speed over muddy or rocky terrain. and ensures that slice, furrowing, and harvesting tools have the applicable quantum of power to serve efficiently.


 Material transmission outfit ranges from simple conveyors to cranes, lifts, and exchanges. Gearboxes drive all of these biases, icing the proper speed and power for optimized cycle times. Landscaping. Landscaping outfits must contend with wet lawns, slush, jewels, and roots. and inclines, all while furnishing a smooth and harmonious cut. The right gearbox ensures that lawnmowers. and analogous outfits can maintain the ideal speed and  for any environmental conditions.


Mining operations call for heavy-duty outfits that can clear vast swathes of land in a single cycle. At the same time, booby-trapping ministry exposes to largely variable environmental conditions. that demand flexible mechanical factors. Gearboxes for these operations are sturdy. and rugged, calibrated for both precise control and minimal power transmission. This combination of power and perfection keeps workers safe without immolating performance.


Like mining operations, construction operations take place outside in changeable conditions. and they call for both high power and precise control. Consequently, construction gearboxes designes to meet analogous constraints, with adaptability, and trustability. and power affairs among the top precedences. Because of the mobile nature of construction operations. these gearboxes also feature compact designs with high / weight rates. These factors power a full range of construction outfit. including cranes, pavers, compactors, washers, drills, and more.

concrete mixer plant
concrete mixer plant

Packaging operations vary from conveying products to sorting, wrapping, and sealing bags. While utmost packaging gearboxes are compact. and featherlight, they feature varied designs to accommodate different stir patterns. The same packaging installation. will frequently bear several types of gearboxes to support differences in , speed. and direction of movement. For illustration, different factors may demand to decompress. and seal featherlight bags compared to those demanded to move and sort heavy products.

4.Types of custom gearboxes

The 6 main types of artificial gearboxes describe below.

Helical Custom Gearbox

The helical gearbox is compact and a low- power consumer. This outfit uses for a broad range of artificial operations, but generally in heavy- duty operations. The helical gearbox is popular in the construction of plastics, cement, rubber, and other heavy artificial settings. It’s useful in clinchers, extruders, coolers, and conveyors, which are each low- power operations.


The helical gearbox is unique in that it’s fixed at an angle that, when in stir, enables further teeth to interact in the same direction. This provides constant contact for a given period.

Planetary Gearbox

 The planetary gearbox is ideal for heavy- duty operations. Coextensive spiral lines notes for their quality and effectiveness. These manufactures with a high degree of specification. which allows you to maximize cargo and transmission rates.

Bevel spiral gearbox

The critical point of this type of gearbox is a twisted set of teeth located on the cone- shaped face close to the hem of the unit. The bevel spiral gearbox uses to give rotary movements betweennon-parallel shafts. These are generally used in chases, in the mining assiduity, and in conveyors.

Bevel Gearboxes

 The skew bevel spiral gearbox is notable for its rigid and monolithic structure. which makes it usable in heavy loads and other operations. These artificial gearboxes offer mechanical advantages. once they’re mounted on the correct motor shaft affair. These are largely customizable grounded on the number of teeth and gears. thus, you can generally find one suitable for your requirements.

 Worm Gearbox
Worm Gear Reducer
Worm Gear Reducer

 Worm reduction gearboxes uses to drive heavy- duty operations. These gearboxes uses when there’s a need for increased speed reduction. betweennon-intersecting crossed- axis shafts. This type of artificial gearbox uses a worm wheel that has a large periphery. The worm, or screw, meshes with the teeth on the supplemental area of the gearbox. The rotating stir of the worm causes the wheel to move also due to the screw- suchlike movement. utmost of these artificial gearboxes. are used in heavy diligence similar as diseases, chemicals, and minerals.

5.KONIC Gearbox Is Your Gearbox Expert

If you need any type of custom gearbox—a right angle gearbox, parallel shaft gearbox, crossed axis gearbox, etc.—you need KONIC We are an industry-leading manufacturer of gears, gearboxes, and other motion transfer devices, with the experience and expertise to deliver the perfect custom gearbox or custom miniature gearbox for your unique application.
The same quality and precision that we build into our standard  gearbox models goes into each and every custom gearbox we produce. We deliver reliable, low maintenance, high-performance custom gearbox units in sizes ranging from miniature to 900Nm output torque.

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